If Jun Kusanagi Was Your Girlfriend

Published March 16, 2016

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Industry legend Jun Kusanagi with her insanely slim waist detonates an active AV set with a supernal lewd woman act in this cozy POV uncensored release.

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If Jun Kusanagi Was Your Girlfriend
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Younger readers may be a bit in the dark, but there definitely are fans of both ZENRA and Japanese AV in general who know a heck of a lot about JUN KUSANAGI.

A sensation in the adult industry in the late 90's into the early 2000's, this extremely slim-waisted, long-legged, and busty (for the time) actress/model was one of the most famous stars of the era.  Her thin waist blossoming into a wide butt has yet to be repeated.

For reasons we're not privileged to knowing, JUN KUSANAGI decided to retire from the industry in the mid 2000's.  Most likely it was just fatigue from being in the spotlight for so long.  After all, the average life of an AV star is only about 2 years and really popular ones face an extreme amount of stress from their ever-expanding fan base and always having to look and act their best.

JUN KUSANAGI decided to make her retirement temporary and returned to the industry sans chin mole.  In its place, we saw an voracious older lewd woman with a perpetually red shnoz who had no qualms about playing dominant roles--a far cry from the extremely submissive titles she previously was offered.

Pretty much the only thing JUN brought from her past was her rare slim hourglass figure and a penchant for making A LOT of noise during lovemaking.  Caterwauling and JUN KUSANAGI go hand-in-hand.  Heck, the word may have been invented after hearing her reach one of many orgasms.

In IF JUN KUSANAGI WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND, a POV pseudo date title that presents YOU as the boyfriend, her orgasms carry on nearly nonstop as your outing with her reaches fever pitch.  With that said, yes, this definitely is a title that warrants the use of a snug pair of headphones.  In fact, in-ear-monitors may be an even better choice.

This was a title that although brief, had you and JUN doing a vast assortment of activities centered around getting each other off.  Fun started right away with you and JUN on the rooftop of a random Tokyo building for a little bit of exhibitionism meets masturbation.  You convinced JUN to take off her panties and once bottomless and embarrassed, passed her a vibrator for use then and there.

Camerawork in this scene was pretty good and things remained bright and vivacious, though if you're NOT a fan of extreme close-ups of a freshly shaved JUN KUSANAGI, some portions of her outdoor teasing may not be ideal.  We know some people love uncensored titles and view censorship as a travesty, but the production companies that hire staff who film them need to be a bit stricter on those extended close-ups.

We're not sure if Japanese AV was the originator of POV in porn, but they had their start with this unique camera angle in the 1980's thanks to visionaries like TOORU MURANISHI and it shows!  Some of those angles used in the outdoor teasing scene may have been questionable, but camerawork for the bulk of this pseudo girlfriend experience was spot-on.  This was YOUR time with JUN KUSANAGI and it felt very authentic.

JUN KUSANAGI may not command the star power she had in her youth.  In this industry, age for women sadly is an extremely important factor and although there are many 'older women' actresses, only a few possess the ability to wield huge fan bases and ask for (and receive) hefty appearance fees.  Either way, JUN KUSANAGI--who may or may not be retired again--filmed a slew of movies not that long ago and we'll be showing several more featuring her and her bottomless erotic energy reserves with future English subtitled updates.

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