Seira Matsuoka - Shaved and Salacious

Published July 20, 2016

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Former Japanese race queen Seira Matsuoka drops the pantyhose and leotards for stark nakedness and shows off her submissive and dominant sides.

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Seira Matsuoka - Shaved and Salacious
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The dream of many a Japanese woman is fame and fortune.  This holds true whether you're born and raised in big cities like Tokyo or 'country bumpkins' from way out there.  Things haven't changed for decades and thanks to the appearingly everlasting power of idol units such as AKB48 who have nearly wiped out all their major competitors.  This especially includes the eternally youthful Morning Musume who at least according to cursory internet searches still seem to be alive with yearly roster changes.

Being famous as an idol--being up there on stage singing to songs you'd never be able write on your own, dancing mainly with your upper body, and seemingly belting out verse after verse of true blue bubblecum pop (was that a Freudian slip?) while hoping that more fans flock to you for signings compared to your idol team members is the apparent life for a select few.

SEIRA MATSUOKA with her supernal height of 170 cm (5'6") had her stature down flat.  She even had a kinda sorta successful career as a race queen.  Word on the street was she went from promoting Honda kei-cars to mid-range Acuras in record time.  Of course, the pay from such an upgrade was probably not what she was hoping for and the never-ending beckoning of removing just a wee bit more clothing by doing 'videos for adults' was just something she could not pass up.

On a warm October day in 2013, SEIRA MATSUOKA with her endlessly long legs sauntered into an AV studio and dropped her pantyhose and leotard for nothing at all.  Even more audacious, she did it for an uncensored title:  THIS uncensored title.

Provided you're an exceptionally attractive woman, the pay for an uncensored debut is astronomical.  Not even Maserati girls make what SEIRA was offered for SHAVED AND SALACIOUS.  Fortunately for her, this wasn't a one-off.  SHAVED AND SALACIOUS is the first part of a duology of uncensored coitus with the second half set for release on ZENRA sometime in the future.

SEIRA certainly enjoyed her time on set going by her expansive filmography.  As of writing this, in spite of not having much of an online social presence, she still seems to have had starring roles in title as late as fall of 2015.  We're not sure what her 2016 plans are though she may still be part of the industry sitting somewhere wearing only a robe ready to drop it…(we are writing this review on a weekday afternoon which is exactly when many an AV title are filmed!)

In SHAVED AND SALACIOUS, SEIRA shares a huge chunk of screen-time with veteran actor JO OSHIMA.  We're pretty fond of him due his exceptional ability to keep out of the way and let the camera do its thing.  He's also a wiz at putting women in ideal yet abnormal positions to best highlight their sexuality.  There isn't really much else we can comment about this scene other than it beginning with an embarrassed SEIRA being asked to masturbate with a thin vibrator before JO taking an active part in making her reach extremis.

On that note, the only real negative we can mark for SHAVED AND SALACIOUS is it follows in the footsteps of other recent uncensored titles where storyline and actual emotions beyond physical love are swept to the wayside.  This again is another nearly pure coitus-fest which we admittedly aren't the hugest fans of, but do know some subscribers at ZENRA enjoy so we have and will continue to add titles such as this one from time to time.  It's a shame that most uncensored AV production units still veer towards pure hardcore, but given the risk-to-reward ratios of shooting more bizarre films with heavier stories, focusing on beautiful people having sex without much else makes the most sense.

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