Subtitled Stimulation by Cock

Published August 2, 2011

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Japanese masseuses and nurses find themselves face to face with embarrassing CFNM erections brought about by audacious clients and patients with subtitles.

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Stimulation by Cock
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These days more and more Japanese woman are leaving the world of work for a few years after college at a dead-end office lady job, marry, a coworkers, have kids, and become a housewife for the rest of your days lifestyle and are choosing to make a career--families be damned! In particular, service industries such as massage therapy and nursing have become a treasure trove of cute Japanese girls trying hard to truly make a difference for their long mistreated and under-appreciated gender in the workforce.

However, there exists within all of us a little sliver of natural instinct that does from time to time push itself all the way outward when certain it's triggered by certain events such as...well an exposed cock of a smooth-talking client.

We are treated to the visual delight of two cute Japanese masseuses, one with dyed brown short hair being the teacher and one with natural raven locks being her trainee as she gives a lesson on the correct way to provide a full body pressure massage. Our at-first comatose clinic lies face-down in the nude with his small towel bunched up vertically covering his ass-cheeks as the two masseuses oil his backside and legs and slide their hands up and down his exposed rear to relax his muscles.

Soon after, he is instructed to turn over and the process repeats with both masseuses working their magic on his quadriceps. Soon, the teacher masseuse steps out for a bit and leaves the cute matronly trainee on her own to practice. When it becomes just the trainee and her client, things start to grow a little sultry as the temperature in the room rises in correlation with the rising cock of her client. As she continues to work on his legs, his towel-covered member begins peeking out of the bunched-up cotton mass hiding it and peaks at the masseuse who does her best to try to ignore it going so far as to re-set the towel every few minutes. This goes on to no avail because as soon as she adjusts the client's towel, his hardon peeks out again.

Our previously comatose client now becomes a bit more outgoing and tells the masseuse not to worry as it's only a natural reaction while completely removing the towel and throwing it on the floor! He then requests that she work his exposed groin region more and she agrees with a slight bit of hesitation. As she works around his by now swollen member, she can't help building up a sheen of sweat while having a hard cock throbbing only centimeters away from her busy hands. One accidentally graze of his shaft is enough to begin the process of going from a standard oil massage to something a bit more sexual as she strokes his happy cock with an unexpected amount of gusto before taking it in her delicious mouth. When one thing turns to another, it isn't long before a simple full body massage has turned into an all-out sex-fest right on the massage bed that goes on without interruption for a little bit until the teacher returns from her errand and enters without knocking...

Another instance of CFNM and cocks controlling the situation belongs to a very cute, Japanese nurse with a devilish grin who has her patient strip naked so she can give him a caring sponge bath. While she is working on cleaning his calves and feet, he begins to stroke his erection in hopes that she will stay focused down at the southern end of his naked form. Unfortunately, this wish was not granted as she turns her head eventually in mid-conversation to see him gingerly stroking his by-now hard cock while looking back her way. Instead of screaming and running out of the room, she gives him a a wicked smile and a knowing nod and lets him continue stroking his member. Soon enough, she takes over the job by giving him a unique gloved handjob while passionately kissing him. After this goes on for a bit, the patient has the nurse mount the table so he can reciprocate with a through tongue bath of her wet slit as she covers her mouth to muffle her passionate moaning and thus a previous medicinal sponge bath has progressed into a steamy sex session in a busy Japanese hospital.

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