My First Time with Teacher Subtitled

Published April 27, 2013

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Curious lesbian Japanese teachers find themselves in situations where their desire for their young and pert schoolgirl pupils overrides modesty with subtitles.

My First Time with Teacher
with English Subtitles

By the time most Japanese enter the multifaceted corporate creature, the concept of being hammered down as if one was a slanted, rusty nail that stuck out just a bit too far has been ingrained in them for well over a decade. Humanity as a whole generally tries to live out a satisfied, free life but with the promise of security tied to an emolument that's just enough to get by, being content with feebleness reigns supreme.

The process of pounding that nail down begins when one is still the final years of their compulsory education and continues throughout high-school and into but (strangely) not usually including college years. Tests, exams, placements for this and that, etc. It never ends and in a grim trend of late, many students simply 'give up', drop out of school and spend many a misguided a year flitting from one part time job to another in a vicious cycle of a process known as being a 'fleeter'.

For most students who want to achieve, going to class isn't enough and after the bell for final period ends, club activities become a marginally welcome respite before the insidious nighttime study activities commence. Both juku--or cram school in English--and private tutoring for others is the norm. In fact, it's quite a common site to see cram schools located within a short walking distance of actual schools across Japan just how pharmacies are conveniently located around hospitals (due to a bizarre regulation not allowing hospitals to handle prescription dispensement).

Today, we focus on two studious Japanese schoolgirls both lucky enough to forgo juku lessons as they have private tutors to aid them in achieving top marks. Both schoolgirls are pert, cute in the most 'kawaii' sense of the word, and outgoing. While their teachers, slightly older as they may be, are still attractive in a nouveau matronly way.

The first scene features a Japanese schoolgirl fresh from a full body erotic oil massage. Going by the way she volte-faces into an amorous sexual woman shortly after her outgoing bathing experience with her increasingly aroused yet confused teacher, she may have had that erotic rubdown earlier that day.

The table-side conversation begins with finalizing an English lesson that goes nowhere due to her inability to correctly label subjects and objects but quickly progresses into a chitchat about how her family is on vacation but she has to stay here to study (all this is done in a classic pouting schoolgirl whine that goes beyond words to describe -- you'll have to see it for yourself).

As the table-side chat winds down, the schoolgirl remarks on the time and begs the tutor to cook dinner and spend the night (something she has done in the not to recent past apparently). At first, she declines but enough cajoling on her student's part finally gets her to alter her decision. She'll spend the night sharing a room with her schoolgirl student.

After having some nighttime coffee, the schoolgirl makes a sudden, brazen request: "Let's take a bath together!" Surprised--but not too chagrined as this also apparently used to be a normal occurrence that this tutor shared with her charge (their dialogue makes her come off as a close family friend rather than a hired teacher), she declines but not for long. Enough verbiage flying from her student in the form of pleas and nags alters the outcome to one of a delightfully soapy conclusion.

However, beginning with this anything but innocent bathing session between a mid-thirties Japanese woman and her naked and considerably younger student, things go awry and they do so with haste. Seeing her student naked for the first time in years--perky breasts capped by erect nipples and sable pubis dark and full--has fired up some bizarre feelings that leave her on the edge of normalcy.

She squats down and folds her arms across her naked legs as her cheerful student and longtime friend gingerly begins washing her back while playfully poking softer regions all in good-natured teasing...or more?

Complaining of a mild case of nausea, the teacher cuts the bathing session short and with the help of her outgoing schoolgirl, wraps up in a towel and is escorted to the bedroom where she is left alone while medicine and water is located. Almost as soon as the door closes, the teacher sheds her towel and begins to viciously finger her most intimate and damp region while squeezing her well-formed Japanese breasts. Her masturbation session continues through multiple orgasms with the last one concluding with an ear-shattering caterwaul.

However, that last orgasm was done with an audience of two as her student already entered the room carrying a glass of water and stared with a doe-eyed look of partial confusion and want as her teacher fingered herself to a blissful conclusion on her bed. Not totally sure what just happened, this previously chirpy Japanese schoolgirl hesitantly saunters over to her by-now ENF teacher and asks simply, 'Teacher, what were you doing?'

From this query onward, an unheard of Japanese lesbian tryst is sensually born between this older, nude teacher and her pajama-clad charge. Tongues find warm homes both in open mouths and damp slits and sweaty legs intertwine as these two burgeoning lesbian partners explore each others exposed bodies with a fiery need to quench their insatiable lust.

My First Time with Teacher is a production centered not upon hardcore, experienced Japanese lesbians knowing the ropes of same-sex love. Rather, it's about tender moments--very tender moments--shared between a confused, flushed teacher and her younger charge. The initiation into bisexuality is at times misguided and amateurish but not in a tawdry way. Both student and teacher know deep down that this path to physical love is the obvious continuation of their relationship but the road to get their is filled with detours and construction signs that require caution and perseverance to safely and smoothly navigate.

Consisting of two one-hour long scenes of tender lesbian trysts, the conversations can drag at times but with the inclusion of English subtitles, the meaning of what they say becomes crystal clear. The banter between student and teacher may seem slow but it gradually leads to a sultry, heated conclusion in the form of two naked intertwined female Japanese bodies in a limitless lesbian embrace.

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