Hikaru Aoyama - Slacking Off At the Beachside Clubhouse

Published June 20, 2018

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Petite JAV star Hikaru Aoyama finds a summer gig with her boyfriend at a beachhouse but of course they rather just have lots of uncensored sex via DREAMROOM.

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Hikaru Aoyama - Slacking Off At the Beachside Clubhouse
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Introducing 152 cm tall (5’) natural gyaru Hikaru Aoyama.  During the summer—this one at least—she’s working at a beachside clubhouse with her boyfriend.  Although they care deeply for each other, he also cares about turning a profit and after seeing Hikaru acting sloppy with new customers, he decided a lesson is in order.

Hikaru Aoyama’s thin frame also applies to her tiny mouth that somehow just opened wide enough for her boyfriend’s dick to jam itself into!  This type of ‘play’ may look trying for poor Hikaru, but she’s actually nearly a national champion at receiving irrumatio!  It also may be hard to tell with such a huge dick buried in her minuscule mouth, but she loves it too!  The most beautiful oceanside sunsets pale in comparison to the slobbery sensation of her tongue making rounds around her boyfriend’s erection.

And yes, blowjobs—especially ones that feature heavy irrumatio—make her very, *very* horny!  It’s safe to say that while Hikaru has a thing or two left to learn about the service industry, she’s already a master at ‘servicing’ in other ways...ways that are extremely perverted.

And thankfully she’s dating and working nearly nonstop with someone who shares her salacious desires!

Quick blowjobs while customers are waiting are only the beginning of what this randy couple’s unusual on-the-clock activities.  Handcuffs!  Peeing in unusual places!  Vibrators, and more!  So much is on the table and so much is exploited by these two prurient lovebirds!

Hikaru Aoyama is a natural-born masochist with her lover being the polar opposite.  They’re a match made in perversion heaven!  Of course doing naughtiness of this caliber with customers present is bona fide risky business so precautions must be taken!  Shouting and squealing Hikaru always tries to desperately keep at bay, but the pipes on this petite woman are formidable to say the least.

They keep at it until true pleasure is discovered and conquered!  Customers can wait!  Orgasms in multitude come first!  Hikaru contorts her tiny body in positions professional gymnasts may blush at and she does so while her boyfriend’s bare dick is buried in her love snatch!  It soon is too much for either and he unloads deep inside without any regard for pulling out!

Dating a girl like Hikaru Aoyama is highly recommend.  Find your own petite masochistic pet and until you do, have a look at what I did to her while our customers were waiting!

Admittedly, HIKARU AOYAMA is not a JAV actress I've heard of until this update.  I wish I knew about her sooner though!  Very cute with the perfect thin and petite figure that fans of naive innocence will love without respite.  In SLACKING OFF AT THE BEACHSIDE CLUBHOUSE, a somewhat domination-themed uncensored JAV release by DREAMROOM, she plays a kinda-sorta waitress who fumbles an order before being on the receiving end of some truly prurient play.

And that's about it!  Yes, this is a rather short title (even for an uncensored one!) running a scant 32 minutes, but it packs a punch.  If anything, the editor may have got a bit too trigger happy and trimmed a bit too much.  The actual sex at the end only lasts a few minutes whereas the lewd play leading up to it including a very messy irrumatio portion early on carries the lion share of 'adult time'.

My big caveat--and I'm playing armchair JAV director here--is I'd love for the ending to feature the customers once again calling out for HARUKA and this time rather than wearing a bikini top and short shorts, we see her hesitantly walking out stark naked and freshly screwed with her boyfriend's semen dripping down her legs.  In my version of this, we wouldn't see the customers reactions.  Rather, we'd just see that walking portion with the picture fading to black *just* as the customers turn their heads to notice the momentarily approach of post-coitus insanity.

SLACKING OFF AT THE BEACHSIDE CLUBHOUSE is a brief summertime respite.  It's hard, fast, and is pretty decent.  Relax and enjoy it before the weather really starts to turn!

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