The Universal Language of Nasal Agony

Published September 12, 2015

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The first and possibly only addition to ZENRA starring a Caucasian actress who submits herself to the extreme pleasure that is TANBIKAI.

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The Universal Language of Nasal Agony with Elise Graves
with English Subtitles


Bondage and Japanese adult video have been bedfellows for ages.  Does it even predate western adult video BDSM?  Possibly?  What can be said for sure is the level that production companies here in the east take it can be many kilometers beyond what western companies are legally able to do.  Pesky morality rules and the murky waters of defining what is and isn't obscene oftentimes put a damper on releasing extreme content in the west.

Now enter TANBIKAI, a production company whom we have featured before that features BDSM play with a heavy ENF and CMNF (embarrassed naked female, clothed male naked female) theme along with the infamous nose hooks.  TANBIKAI titles are all helmed by the master of the hook, EIZOH CHIBA, whom is one of the big names in the Japanese S&M community.  He's been covering S&M parties since the 90's and got started with TANBIKAI--or 'a meeting of aesthetics' when translated into English--in the 90's.  Titles are pumped out at about one per month almost like clockwork.  All have followed the theme of him going one-on-one in pleasuring surprisingly attractive Japanese women in ways that the average person would call viciously perverted.

The variety of women who take part in TANBIKAI titles is rather surprising.  From well-known AV stars to amateurs, all are incredibly attractive and seem to love the sadomasochistic pleasure Mr. CHiba inflicts upon them.  This 'beauty of the rope and the hook' is what EIZOH CHIBA wants to showcase to the world and way, way back, he actually did release two titles starring a blonde-haired woman from Finland (sample one and sample two).  These titles were hard and heavy, but also are rather old and in VHS quality.  We may showcase it sometime in the future depending on demand.

Fortunately, not too long ago a well-known S&M adult film actress from California found her way in the TANBIKAI studio located several stations away from Shinjuku.  Her name is Elise Graves and she is no one-off model.  Her most recent endeavor is the Digital Dark Collective which aims to provide aspiring BDSM producers a chance to showcase their own titles yet still remain in charge.

The format of THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF NASAL AGONY does not drift too much from previous releases.  Our first foray into the world of TANBIKAI was actually a smidgen more hardcore than this release.  However, one thing to point out is Elise Graves stayed to film a double feature.  THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE is only the first half of her time in the bondage that is extreme nasal domination.  The second half which we sadly are unable to show on ZENRA not due to EIZOH CHIBA's wishes against it (he'd love for us to show his entire library if possible!), but strict credit card billing regulations regarding certain objects existing the body.  Think what happens when a lovely lady has received one too many enemas...yup.

THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF NASAL AGONY was light on dialog.  What's more, about half was in English.  The Japanese portions including the ample on-screen captioning both in the beginning of the title and towards the mid-point have been translated as usual and the English has been left as is.  Mr. Chiba may not have textbook-perfect pronunciation, but he speaks clearly and most important, slowly.  You'll be able to understand what he is saying.

Elise Graves was relatively mute--speaking-wise--during this title.  Moaning and some screaming was common throughout its 90 minute run-time, though it would have been nice to hear a bit more from her.  Admittedly we are not that familiar with the large body of work she does in the west.  She does look rather talkative, but being a production filmed in a language she probably does not speak fluently in, opting for silence may have been the safest path.

We're aware that this isn't exactly a 'Japanese' title...or is it?  Although it stars a westerner, it's a brutal bondage title that also stars a skilled Japanese practitioner.  It's filmed by a company in Japan for Japanese distribution as well.  Building on this, we're sure today's release will ignite curiosity with a lot of ZENRA's viewers.  'How would a western woman react in a Japanese bondage scenario?' may be the question many of you are wondering.  Elise Graves, being a self-proclaimed extreme masochist, responds as 'well' as any other woman--Japanese or other--when bound and stretched and pleasured by the exquisite arts that is TANBIKAI.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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