My Lecherous Ruru Sakurai

Published October 10, 2016

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Ruru Sakurai returns for perhaps one last bout of embarrassing vibrator play and more in this master tape uncensored release from the VIRTUAL WAVE archives.

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My Lecherous Ruru Sakurai
with English Subtitles


RURU SAKURAI has one of those body types that your average Japanese fan of AV goes bonkers for:  slim, flat-chested, with an extraordinarily innocent mien.  She's every fan's girl-next-door stereotype come to life and we're surprised she did not have the same kind of popularity as other 'schoolgirls of innocence' of her era had.  We've seen her once before at ZENRA and are pleased some more older footage of her has been discovered.  It may be brief, but it's very much worth it!

Unlike our last outing with her (that one of our billing providers asked us to remove, sorry!), MY LECHEROUS RURU SAKURAI is more of a by-the-book AV flick with a short running time.  We're sorry about how abridged this one is, but given the nature of the release, it can't be helped.  As we've noted in pretty much all reviews of VIRTUAL WAVE titles, all their work is straight from the master tapes BEFORE mosaic has been applied.  This sometimes means what we have to show is not always the 'final cut'.  And this puts us at an interesting cross-road:  as we have the rights to the titles, we could always show the full censored version, but given our subscribers are all outside of Japan, going for the (sometimes) shorter, but uncensored versions makes more sense.

This time around RURU acts more like a semi-confident 20 year-old rather than the airy schoolgirl and idol-wannabe from her previous tragedy.  Speaking honestly, the story-driven theme of her older outing was a bit better, but in LECHEROUS, the lighting is much improved so many more parts of RURU are on display.  This time around pretty much nothing is left to the imagination.

Split into two scenes, the first follows a slightly embarrassed RURU being instructed to strip stark naked before being pleasured with a vibrator by a clothed host.  I guess you can consider this an ENF and CMNF scene, but given the off-camera nature of the actor, that may be a questionable.  Technicalities aside, RURU looked fantastic here though we're a bit crestfallen it was a purely toy-themed encounter.

The second scene was more POV-based though it fortunately was way less rough around the edges than a previous title by VIRTUAL WAVE.  The camera was a bit shaky at times, but the good bits were always made to be included and a few non-POV angles were also added for those who grow queasy from too much shaking.

We'd love to see more RURU though given her legacy status, it's probably just a pipe dream.  Besides, her charm was her youth and innocence which may be hard to replicate given she's in her mid-thirties now.  We could definitely imagine her pulling off an unfaithful wife role if she did ever decide to return to the industry though given the amount of time that already has passed since her retirement, we're not taking bets on it.

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