Nurse Gyaru Ejaculation Technician with Remi Aoi

Published July 27, 2016

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Japanese gyaru Remi Aoi in quite possibly her first and only AV release where she plays a timid nurse amidst lecherous doctors and patients by VIRTUAL WAVE.

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Nurse Gyaru Ejaculation Technician with Remi Aoi
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Unless you're a bona fied beach bum, tanning in Japan is not cheap.  Visiting a salon on a regular basis could cost the equivalent of a hundred dollars or more a month and although the practice has somewhat fallen to the wayside as of late, jump back a decade ago and it was chic for young women to forgo classic pale skin in lieu of following the natural body hues of their idols.  In the 90's it was Namie Amuro (who still remains popular even today) and in the aught's, even the naturally light-skinned Ayumi Hamasaki had a darkened gyaru phase.

To maintain this questionable habit and not to slack compared to your even darker ganguro friends (who here remembers them?), sometimes finding extra ways to make money was necessary.  Besides, allowances from parents could only go so far.  If you wanted to be a platinum club member at your favorite salon so you use the high-end UVB beds, you'd need to hustle.

REMI AOI, the star of today's interestingly-named release at ZENRA, NURSE GYARU EJACULATION TECHNICIAN, seems to have opted to take the AV route in order to make some extra cash.  We classify her as a pure amateur given the lack of any other films attached to her name.  We looked around and could not find anything else on the web about her except this one title.  It's totally possible she used alternate names so there is a chance she may have done more work, but who knows.

NURSE TECHNICIAN is a neat title pushed out by VIRTUAL WAVE well over a decade ago.  We won't beat around the bush attempting to masquerade this release as being new.  It's obviously not, but that's not always a bad thing as we do love 'classic' Japanese AV and don't mind showing titles from the past every so often.  Sometimes we find them even better than modern releases.  REMI is in her early thirties now doing gosh knows what.  Maybe she really is a nurse now?  Maybe this nurse-themed AV release kickstarted her fascination with helping patients?

In spite of NURSE GYARU EJACULATION TECHNICIAN being a relatively straight-forward title, we found ourselves taking way more notes on it than normal while we were adding in English subtitles.  One of the first things we noticed when initially skipping around in it was that the second to last scene starred Mr. GOLDFINGER himself, Taka Katou.  This may be his earliest uncensored release not that many people reading this are very interested in seeing older Japanese men have sex, but we felt it was an interesting tidbit to make note of.

GOLDFINGER has the uncanny ability to get pretty much any women to squirt via what we can only call salacious legerdemain; his hands and fingers truly are gold when it comes to creating powerful orgasms and we're surprised he never has had them insured for a bazillion dollars just like some western adult film actors do for their manhoods.

We also were very fond of how 'poorly' REMI AOI acted.  She really came off as an amateur and her delivery was full of out of place giggles and smiles.  Normally, this would be a minus, but amateurs and Japanese AV have always been the best of bedfellows so seeing one who obviously never had any acting experience attempt an acting role that leaves her sweaty, naked, and covered in cum was pretty funny.  The sexual conclusions of all the scenes could almost be seen as a bizarre payback for such poor delivery.

A big plus for NURSE TECHNICIAN is the impromptu ENF and CMNF anal examination carried out by GOLDFINGER.  Here, a highly embarrassed REMI AOI was stripped stark naked and instructed to rest on the bed on all fours.  GOLDFINGER oiled up a few fingers and began to gingerly explore her anal cavity while a medical student watched.  REMI was confused at first, but gradually started moaning from pleasure and the scene continued just how you would expect it to.

NURSE GYARU EJACULATION TECHNICIAN was a mosaic-removed release.  This means the title originally was released in Japan with mosaic around the genitals, but was removed for international usage.  Because of this, a major goof was made apparent during the final moments of the sex between REMI and GOLDFINGER:  before insertion he was shown covertly sliding on a condom, but ended up cumming inside her (known as nakadashi).  Of course if you cover this all with mosaic, you'd assume it was real, but a few close-ups without it clearly showed the condom still on in spite of her insides leaking with 'cum'.  With that said, sometimes its best to give older titles like this some leeway.  We're certain newer titles that claim to feature authentic nakadashi are doing similar camera and mosaic trickery as well.

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