Natural Romantic with Wakaba Sakai

Published September 9, 2015

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Wakaba Sakai is pale as a spooky ghost but gives off the charm of a true blue amateur in this special uncensored release by VIRTUAL WAVE.

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Natural Romantic with Wakaba Sakai
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Japanese AV stars come and go.  Those with charisma stay the longest, but most fizzle in two years or less.  Some have 'careers' spanning only a few titles before calling it a day.  It's safe to say Wakaba Sakai falls into this category of 'short-stay' (using Love Hotel lingo here) adult video stars.  Her time in front of the camera was brief and it was sad to see her depart so suddenly.

She entered and subsequently left the biz some years ago.  Today's release at ZENRA, NATURAL ROMANIC, is not a new title.  We won't pretend it's something that it's not.  However, new does not always equal good and old does not always imply a dud.  There are many older titles in the realm of Japanese AV that are worth exploring again and this short release starring Wakaba Sakai is a good example of one.

For starters, it's uncensored--well actually, it's de-censored.  VIRTUAL WAVE, the production company behind this title and about 40 more that will all appear on ZENRA in the future, initially released their works for the Japanese market.  This meant standard mosaic which was confirmed when examining their box art which shows less-than-pleasant pixelation over everyone's favorite body parts.

Now a good chunk of their library's master tapes were released sans censorship and ZENRA is the only western site that will be showcasing them with full and exclusive English subtitles.  Some titles are talkies and some such as today's release with Wakaba are more about action than verbal mouth-work.

Although dialog is somewhat seldom used, it's still worth checking out this release.  Wakaba Sakai is cute.  And when we mean cute, we really mean it.  We've seen thousands of AV actresses and although she certainly does not rank in the upper percentiles of flawlessness, she does possess a unique combination of girl-next-door looks and an innocent yet sexually curious personality that really works in her favor.  Her pleading to be licked, the twinkle in her eye when performing fellatio, and well...other things naughty all feel earnest.  It never seemed as if she was simply acting.  This was no going-through-the-motions performance.

The first scene filmed in POV featuring her providing the cameraman with a handjob was one such example.  The handjob was accentuated by ample amounts of lotion and the combination of that lascivious sound while staring at her nakedness made him reach climax well earlier than intended.  We've a feeling that underneath Wakaba Sakai's naive demeanor is a Japanese woman who has a serious fetish for dominant sexual play.

Another major thing to point out is this title features a very young (but still of legal age of course!) Ken Shimizu.  Ken Shimizu is one of the most popular AV actors who still pumps out titles even today.  He's in his mid-thirties now and has always maintained a muscular body.  2005 even saw him compete (and place) in a bodybuilding contest.  NATURAL ROMANIC may actually be the earliest (inadvertently) uncensored release he has been in.  We're aware that most fans of AV prefer looking at the women, but it is interesting to see such a well-known actor performing sans mosaic.

VIRTUAL WAVE's releases can be considered the precursors to the harder uncensored titles released today.  As we saw the other month, not all of their work is as straight-forward as NATURAL ROMANTIC.  Some is story-driven, but overall this company focused more on the art of sex than the art of the buildup.

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