The Best of Gorgeous Golden Gyaru

Published : August 30th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


Japan is culturally unique in a multitude of ways, and naturally, a lot of the country's culture also appears in their adult videos. Take for instance the sleek and fashionable style of the gyaru, which stars in countless JAV. Such a trend accentuates the beautiful female form to a degree that men find irresistible, so its inclusion in pornography is hardly astonishing. However, instead of covering supple gyaru, I am aiming my sights on a variant of the style: the luscious "kuro gyaru", which features tan skin. I have chosen 10 JAV that contain kuro gyaru actresses and will rank the titles by their quality.

10. Black Gal AIKA Creampie Fan Thanksgiving in Your Countryside!

Video  BLK-341
Cast Aika
Duration 116 minutes
Studio Kira ★ Kira
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Small Breasts, Bikini, Tit Fuck, Orgy
Release Date 2017-12-01

This movie has a kuro gyaru holding a special "thanksgiving" event for her fans in the countryside. Naturally, the woman wears many swimsuits as she initially has a sexy time with a singular fan, even having sex with him whilst other people in the room rest. I found the JAV to be slow and a bit reserved, with things only really picking up near the end, where a giant orgy happens, but even then, there could have been more things going on. I feel like the work overall was a waste of potential, as Aika herself is quite adorable.

9. Play gets more and more extreme with service! Black Gal Soap Lady SERA

Video  BLK-269
Duration  118 minutes
Studio Kira ★ Kira
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Small Breasts, Bikini, Tit Fuck, Bathing, Lotion
Release Date  2016-03-19

Watchers get to spend some personal time with the slim and sultry SERA in this movie as the woman serves as a soap lady, pleasuring her male client in all sorts of ways. There is quite a bit of shared bath tub action and sex in a bathroom in general, a staple that many will find favorable, and the sex scenes themselves are fairly decent.

A great deal of lotion and soap lathering is present, and the main actress SERA is quite pretty. Being of a smaller bosom, lovers of flat surfaces will be entranced by her chest, but I believe the JAV is uneventful and needed something more, so it scores higher up on my list.

8. Black Gal’s Sexy Glistening Ass Oil Mania

Video           FLAV-193
Cast Chinatsu Nana, MIRANO
Duration   127 minutes
Studio    Digital Ark
Genre   Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Bikini, Bloomers, Onanism
Release Date 2018-05-25

This work has watchers attempting to keep up with the sexual escapades of two ravishing kuro gyaru, and their antics are definitely entertaining as they perform all sorts of lewd acts with the male actors. There are many moments of ass worship as the guys bury their faces in each girls' bottom, and the beauties are wearing swimsuits underneath their already skimpy clothing.

There is even some bloomers action and some onanism, though, actual penetration seems to be pretty rare. Overall, I'd say this work is a rather tame take on kuro gyarus. I believe they should have tried doing more hardcore things, on top of opting for less dark and dreary backgrounds.

7. Kira☆Kira BLACK GAL SPECIAL Gyarunori☆Yarikon SEX!

Video  KISD-040  
Cast    Aikawa Rin, Hayama Yuka, Izumi Mana, MOKA, Rumika  
Duration 238 minutes
Studio Kira ★ Kira  
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Yukata, Bathing, Onanism, Orgy
Release Date  2010-09-19

Those who can't get enough of tan goddesses will find this JAV to be a treasure as it contains four hours of steamy romance and sex. The title has a group of girls going on a summer camp with men, and the women are more than eager to breed without a care in the world. All sorts of activities can be spotted as the girls bathe together, explore the vast outdoors, masturbate on the bus, and naturally have sex.

While there are multiple actors and actresses in the work, most of the sex scenes are solo couples, which I find to be disappointing, though, each maiden boasts incredible beauty, along with the luscious tan kuro gyaru are known for. The only orgy in the work is near the end, which unfortunately makes the title lack in comparison to a few other movies.

6. When I Went to a Clinical Trial for a Suspicious Energy Drink… I Was Squeezed for Semen for Three Days by a Suspiciously Erotic Nurse, Ran

Video   DVAJ-620
Cast    Ranka
Duration 140 minutes
Studio Alice Japan
Genre Gal, Nurse, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Onanism, Tit Fuck
Release Date  2023-07-11

A kuro gyaru assumes the saucy role of nurse in this enticing piece, and as can be imagined, the woman doles out a prescription of the physical sort as the male is stimulated sexually. Required to provide a nonstop supply of semen samples for the sake of the plot, the JAV unleashes several sex scenes where main actress Ranka pleasures the man, and often wears various different swimsuits and undergarments. The title focuses on what is important as there is quite a bit of both foreplay and sex, and watchers will hardly feel disappointed, unless perhaps they prefer there to be more than one actress.

5. Ranka: Blonde, bitchy, big-bottomed body gal with an M temperament gap, multiple creampies until stamina runs out

Video  MADV-535
Cast   Ranka
Duration  180 minutes
Studio Crystal Eizou
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Onanism, Tit Fuck, Solo
Release Date 2023-07-11

The stunning and golden Ranka appears on my ranking a second time as I find the woman's beauty and sexual tendencies resonate with my tastes. This time, the gyaru acts like a girlfriend of sorts and provides all sorts of pleasures to the male actor, from tit fucks, to oral, or simply masturbating on a couch.

Ranka also wears some pretty lewd outfits, elevating her sex appeal tremendously and making the video more enticing than her previous entry on the list. The nurse theme simply wasn't strong enough to compare to this work, as I believe Ranka performs much better in this one, and overall looks more attractive.

4. GIN GIRA GAL – Strong Death Punch Angel! She has a great technique and climaxes continuously!

Video   YMDD-325
Cast Chanyota, Gaby Mitsutake Marcia
Duration  124 minutes
Studio Momotarou Eizou Shuppan
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Squirting, Bikini, Fitness, Abs
Release Date 2023-06-06

Fitness and muscular kuro gyaru are the central theme of this sex-heavy piece, and the girls waste no time exerting the extent of their strength over the male actors. The men are treated to equal parts pain and pleasure, something that will entertain more masochistic viewers, along with those who enjoy women who take the initiative.

The sweaty, rigorous intercourse of this JAV makes it an incredibly excellent one, which is only enhanced further by the tan skin of the beautiful kuro gyaru, and while there are some moments where the girls show off some sexy feats of agility, I would say that neglecting to use the actual exercise equipment for the scenes was a bit of a waste.

3. Hyper IdeaPocket Ultimate Black Gal Maniacs BLACK 3HIPS

Video  IPTD-547
Cast    Aina Rina, MOKA, Rumika
Duration  240 minutes
Genre    Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Orgy, Bikini, Bunny Girl, Yuri, Glasses, OL
Release Date   2010-02-01

Intense orgies will almost always make it to the top of any of my lists - the more women, the better, usually, and this JAV has three beautiful kuro gyaru. As anyone could predict, the video has a ton of hardcore sex scenes with only one male (most the time). The girls will each have their turn, and there are multiple cumshots per sex scene.

The scenes emphasize each girls' wonderful bodies, and many outfits are worn to help add some variety to the work. From bikinis to undergarments, bunny girl outfits, and OL attire with glasses, watchers will hardly grow bored, unless perhaps they have a preference for more risque fetishes. There is even one seemingly random and odd scene, where the girls are soaked in glowing slime in the dark - a curious addition that will have many pondering the reason behind its existence.

2. kira☆kira SUMMER FESTA 2011 BLACK GAL RESORT SPECIAL – Big Tits Beach 4 Hours Super Big Orgy Special

Video  KISD-052
Cast   Aikawa Rin, Arisawa Risa, Kisaki Ema, Kitagawa Hitomi, MOKA, Suzuka Neiro, Tachibana Nao
Duration 235 minutes
Studio Kira ★ Kira
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Beach, Orgy, Bikini, Tit Fuck, Yukata, Yuri
Release Date 2011-09-19

Sunny beaches and bikini-clad kuro gyaru are the main appeals to this orgy-focused title, and watchers are naturally treated to numerous scenes with multiple females. Every woman is wearing a lusty, tight swimsuit that doesn't stay on for very long, and there are also some short girl-on-girl scenes as the actresses rub lotion on each other. This is easily one of the stronger kuro gyaru JAV in existence as none of the scenes (in my opinion) have any negative aspects, and there's even a giant orgy at the very end.

1. kira★kira × E-BODY × kawaii* × Madonna × ATTACKERS: 5 Maker Collaboration Works 2nd Edition! Secret Hot Springs, Lewd Hot Springs, Black Gal Army Crazy Creampie Orgy.

Video KISD-077
Cast Kitano Chika, Sakurai Ayu, Serizawa Tsumugi, Tomoda Ayaka, Uchiyama Mai
Duration  238 minutes
Studio Kira ★ Kira
Genre Gal, Kuro Gal, Creampie, Big Breasts, Bathing, Orgy, Bikini, Pool, Tit Fuck
Release Date 2013-10-19

This JAV barely comes in first over the previous orgy-centric JAV, as I believe the women and sex are just a bit higher in quality. The setting for this one is a ryoukan as the kuro gyaru spend time splashing about in the pool in bikinis before then taking turns with a lone male. Each girl has an indescribably luscious body and have their own unique traits, making every girl satisfying to ogle.

The sex takes place in the bath as well, and there's even some minor girl-on-girl action, so the JAV tries its best to keep things interesting. The women are playful in nature and overall a joy to be around, which only serves to enhance the sex even further, and solidifying the movie as the best tribute to kuro gyaru.

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Moonlight 5 months ago
Very well written. Gyaru girls are so sexy and beautiful. Aika and Moka are my favorites and I am glad that you mentioned them here. Good job!
spaten78 5 months ago
Honorable mention to Erika Moka as well. Good list!
Altair 5 months ago
Tachibana Nao is a jav star that I miss a lot.
For a very brief period Tsukada Shiori had the gyaru look and it looked very nice, NITR-197 she looked amazing with the Gyaru look+ some nice cosplays.
Shinmai 5 months ago
Really surprised only one AIKA video shes like the queen of black gal AV stars haha
drk 5 months ago
Only 1 video wit the THE black gal AIKA and at the last place at that? Controversial choices...
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