FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: March 2024

Published : April 6th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan


Kisarazu University Of Physical Education Sumo Club Women: ``I Don't Want To Lose To A Man, No Matter What'' When I Stand In The Ring, I Keep My Expression On My Face And Tackle Whatever Is Thrown At Me! !

Starring: Monami Takarada, June Lovejoy

Tags: Squirting, Sumo

We start the March Watch with an upcoming studio by the name of Seifuku Joshi that started up in late 2023. Their name roughly translates to Uniformed women but they could have also called it Squirting Women. Their handful of titles feature costumed women in public scenarios with loads of squirting. Be they news anchors, waitresses, or secretaries. Our title is their most inventive yet; featuring Sumo wrestlers Monami Takarada and June Lovejoy. A TV mockumentary about a school Sumo program with an unusual method for training their female wrestlers. I have to give credit to Seifuku Joshi’s production because they made sure to give them a sumo ring, background actors, and all. Mainly shot outside we get two full sex scenes with Monami and June with lots of outdoor training. It’s a strange odd piece of porn which is just what JAV does so well. So if you want to see women naked in Sumo undies wrestling and squirting outside this has you covered. CHECK


Get wet, have fun, and snuggle up for warmth. An intense lesbian date where they kiss and intertwine with each other regardless of the location

Starring: Rima Arai, Ena Satsuki

Tags: Lesbian, Date

Speaking of the outdoors this next one botches their execution. Coming up is a lesbian ban lifting with Rima Arai with Ena Satsuki as her pleasure guide to the women’s only club. A dating video which are a dime a dozen with studio bibian. The girls go on cute little dates outside as they try to get to know each other more and get more lovey dovey. A pretty easy breezy video with a simple production. This video however commits the cardinal sin of outdoor scenes with all of it being censored. And I mean all of it. About every scene outside with Rima and Ena are censored so it looks like they are floating in some sort of 144p resolution nightmare. The mosaic team went hog wild on this video so if you want to see Rima and Ena being cute with each other out on the town well you are out of luck. As for the rest of the film it’s good. Rima’s totally game for her first time and Ena’s a great fun partner for any girl. Really hot seeing Rima bent over while Ena fingers her and makes out with her at the same time. If you are a Rima fan or of lesbian videos it’s worth checking out; you just got to be okay with the blob of censors in the first half. CHECK


It caused a huge uproar on SNS! ? A sex video of a beautiful blonde DJ whose breasts are fondled by a fan is so dangerous that it has become a problem.

Starring: Luna Tsukino

Tags: Parody, Public Sex

I can see why some makers are so cautious about their videos but our next one is anything but. This parody with Luna Tsukino satirizes DJ Soda a popular DJ in Asia who is known for showing off her looks and skin. This video as the title shows wants all of the smoke and it got it. When it went up it was soon picked up by netizens and went viral. Too viral as many criticized it and it was soon removed online. The opening shot has Luna happily getting felt up by fans and if you know a little bit about DJ Soda you can see why this seems in poor taste. Fellow writer Trapstar covered it more which you can read here.

Controversy aside how is it as a porno? Apart from the bad wig pretty good actually. Luna plays a celebrity that gets it on with her fans at events or with a reporter interviewing her. Happily fucking her fans to show her appreciation. A good energetic performance by Luna while showing off a little bit of her dick sucking skills and that bubbly ass. So while it might be difficult to find this controversial JAV is worth checking out at the very least either for Luna or the story behind it. CHECK


A nurse call is a sign of Chi-ku-bi-na-me Kawakita, a licking and licking slutty nurse who makes you ejaculate over and over again

Starring: Saika Kawakita

Tags: Nurse, Blowjob, POV, Kissing, Vanilla

Now for some good old fashioned porn special gimmicks needed. First up is this Nurse video with Saika Kawakita. Saika’s been doing amazingly in JAV and has been one of the most popular actresses in recent years. This video plays up to her strengths and is one of the best she’s made in years. A simple video about Nurse Saika taking special care of one of her patients who can’t use his arms and is so sexually frustrated. It kicks off a little relationship with the two sneaking in some sexy time fun in between his doctor visits. A simple vanilla video that focuses on the best of Saika; her beautiful face, sweet loving situations, and all her skills with her mouth.

Simple, quality, vanilla porn with lovey dovey sex; another thing that JAV does so well. We see Saika jerk and suck him off at night, pleasure him in the bathroom, and riding him cowgirl style during the day. All with close ups and POV angles aplenty. I, and many others, will put Saika on the top tier of most beautiful women in JAV and this title just reminds me that of it. She is a stunner and the added focus on her face just drills that further especially when she’s slowing kissing, sucking, or playing with the guy up close. It might not have her screaming at the top of her lungs or getting plowed in crazy positions but this is some quality smut that fits Saika so well. It’s Vanilla sex but it’s damn good sex. MUST WATCH


Even though I hate my boss! Yura Kano, a new graduate girl who has been trembling and wanting to eat her boss since the day she found out she was a virgin

Starring: Yura Kano

Tags: Virgin Hunting, Femdom, OL, Old Man

More quality porn from S1 up next. Yura Kano stars in this femdom leaning video. Here she plays who absolutely hates her boss but becomes much more interested in him when she learns the old man is still a virgin. A Virgin Hunter who delights in taking men’s first time and molding them; Yura delightfully wraps her boss around her body and pussy. This is a pretty great femdom leaning video with Yura in charge of the sex with the older man the much more submissive party. Yura works slow, the teasing is focused on, and sex is takes it’s sweet time. Yura’s been one of the best performers in bed and at acting in JAV for a long while and she shows off her goods once again. The highlight for me is the very first sex scene. Yura’s so seductive while whispering sweet dirty talk into the old man’s ears. All while sucking, jerking, and teasing him off like the seasoned pro she is.  For a fight a light hearted femdom like video give Yura the Virgin Hunter a look. WATCH


Hikaru Nagi's 1st anniversary work, a gathering of breast-loving fans! Explosive Titty Fuck & Amateur Cock Massive Orgy 13 Shots Special With Divine Breasts J Cup

Starring: Hikaru Nagi aka Aka Asuka aka Shiose

Tags: Big Tits, Fan Appreciation, Group Sex

Not everything is rosy in S1 Land as we will see in this disappointing Hiraku Nagi video. IT is her 1 year anniversary, as Hikaru mind you, so she’s giving the “fan” appreciation treatment. Hikaru’s known far and wide for her immense bust but I’ve become more interested in her lately because of her new look. Hikaru’s made some changes and she’s looking finer than ever. Quite the looker now. Sadly her looks and her chest don’t match up to her performing as we see in the video. She’s not bad really but I just don’t feel much when seeing her work. It feels as if she’s doing just the bare minimum to get past the scenes. It’s a shame because she’s so pretty and absolutely stacked but I just don’t feel anything watching her. Like empty calories but for porn. SKIP


"Hey, who were you on the line with?" Jealous girlfriend Mia's jealous love. Living together with a super slut who keeps having her sperm blown out with her dirty talk.

Starring: Mia Nanasawa

Tags: Femdom, Dirty Talk, Obsessive Woman, Yandere

Up next is Mia Nanasawa and she’s anything but empty. This is Moodyz film proves that a fun plot can make the porn even better. Mia plays an obsessive girlfriend who catches her boyfriend stepping out on her, chatting up other women behind her back. Rather than just getting mad at him she doubles down on their relationship and decides that the only way to make sure he won’t cheat on her is to lock down that dick tight. Glomming all over her boyfriend, following him to work, and of course fucking his brains out.

This is a delightfully twisted video with Mia playing the crazy girlfriend perfectly and performing like a champ. Great in bed and acting; she really gets to shine with her strengths here. She is so great in these Yandere types roles I wish she got more of them. Highlight scenes include the first scene with Mia laying it on thick, the slow POV blowjob, and the finale where the boyfriend says enough and puts her in her place. One of the best videos I have seen with Mia and already on my shortlist for the best of the year. MUST WATCH


Magic Mirror NTR Esthetic Even though my beautiful and slender girlfriend with beautiful breasts was being cuckolded next to me, I couldn't resist the big breasted lady's amazing techniques and ended up having sex with her all the way through.

Starring: Mary Tachibana, Kana Morisawa

Tags: Cuckold, Massage, Magic Mirror

Now for another video from a newer studio with HSODA. They started off in 2024 and they have some interesting concepts. Like this couple’s massage video with the added magic mirror element. The set up has Kana and her husband come in for a couple’s massage. Mary and her partner have nothing but naughty intentions however. Soon the pair feel up and rev up both Kana and her husband. Through a one way screen her husband can see her sucking off her masseuse while Mary feels up her body. All they did was take the couple’s massage scenario and added in some cuckolding fun with the mirror. Simple addition but effective.

Really hot seeing Mary play with Kana as the husband watches behind the screen helplessly. This of course gives him the green light to start having sex with Mary when she comes over to his side again. Some really good cuckolding action. After that we get a pair of scenes with Kana and Mary paired off with the male masseuse and the husband. Solid scenes but the first scene is easily the best and most interesting. I did wish they played more with that in the second half. Either way this is a great concept by a newer studio and they are already coming out with another entry. HSODA is a new studio I’ve got my eye on and maybe you should too. WATCH


Living Love A thrilling everyday sex where you secretly make out with your stepsister right next to her husband.

Starring: Ai Mukai

Tags: Cheating, Loving, Sneaky

More marital infidelity up ahead with Ai Mukai and Madonna only this one is much sweeter. Sweet, cute, and loving aren’t words you think of when associating with adultery but here it is. Our unfaithful tale has Ai and her husband welcoming over her in-law for a few days. Slowly a physical relation blossoms between the two and they sneak around the house with hubby unaware. This is a simple dime a dozen plot but it jumped out to me for two reasons; the chemistry between the leads and Ai’s great understated performing. The relationship between Ai and the man was fantastic and actually sweet. You see them play and joke with each other in small ways. So affectionate and loving if you ignore the whole cheating part this would be a just a nice video about a cute couple.

Ai is a great subtle performer; both in and outside of the bedroom. We can really buy her relationship with the man by the way she looks at him or how she slowly pumps her hips while riding him. On another note Ai has put on a few lately and her body is filling out even more. Maybe not as tight as before but that ass is looking mightier than ever. The video also makes great use of a limited set. The whole video basically takes place in front of their couch in the living room. JAV usually has to shoot in non-descript homes but they made sure to give each scene some set variety enough to keep it all fresh. It also helps that we get the signature high quality lighting of Madonna. Ai seems to be chugging along greatly at Madonna. I was a little worried about her going to them but she’s pumped out quality videos since. WATCH


A dignified, well-educated psychological counselor took on the task of correcting out-of-control sexual desire, but he blossomed into a super masochist.

Starring: Riasu Mizutani

Tags: Rough, Submissive, Deepthroating

Next up is a rougher title with Riasu Mizutani in a (fitting?) submissive role. Being a hard sub might be her true colors as we’ll see in this video which might be the best she’s made in her short career. Riasu plays a counselor whose tasked with helping a man whose out of control libido has taken over his life. She comes in with her textbook approach to help him only to find his direct approach much better for the both of them. Riasu is one of the more interesting actresses to enter in JAV in a while. A smart, well-spoken individual whose quite different than most. Like in her sex scenes she’s not very loud and screamy; actually pretty quiet during sex. This video seems to fit her to a T with the added plus of showing off her sub side that we’ve only been getting a taste of so far. Riasu gets manhandled in this video with rough sex, deepthroating, and more. Taking all in stride. For fans looking for something different or looking to check out Riasu I’d definitely check this out, it might be her best so far. WATCH


Everyone in this company is masochistic. A middle-aged 'ejaculation' married woman in a managerial position. A sadistic slut who controls an office full of distorted sexual tendencies behind the scenes.

Starring: Ryo Ayumi

Tags: Femdom, Submissive Men, Slut, Pegging, BDSM

We cap off with Ryo Ayumi in this fantastic femdom film. Ryo has become a top tier talent at Madonna and it continues on. This sexy older lady is totally in line with their mature content and can perform at a high level. Here she plays an Office Lady who manages a work place filled with submissive M men. Guy’s who love it when a woman takes charge and hard which Ryo is more than qualified for. This office romp is filled with all sorts of play; from pantyhose leg teasing, to bathroom suck jobs, to edging, to pegging, to collar play. A BDSM lite video to satisfy fans of femdom. This would be a good video for those dipping their toes into more hard femdom or BDSM content.

Ryo is right at home in the top position. She really sings when tasked with being the more aggressive and assertive party. Here she is a sadistic slut who gleefully punishes her underlings at work. It’s hard to pick out one scene to highlight over the others because they are all quality and varied. I think the second scene with the added pantyhose and leg play can satisfy most. I also have to say while I’m not into pegging the one scene that Ryo does it is pretty darn hot. It is on the kinkier side so everyone might not be into it all but Ryo adds another smash hit into her belt. WATCH

Other releases of note in the last month include Ai Kano and Mahiro Ichiki’s return to porn. Ai Kano and her massively huge tits have been on an extended hiatus. Meanwhile Mahiro comes back from a short retirement. She was at one point a rising star for SOD before leaving abruptly to freelance. A beautiful woman with a youthful but stern face and quite the performer. Both returning actresses come onboard to an already stacked Madonna roster. After that we have Rie Miyagi with S1. I am slow to the Rie train and that’s because they are only now highlighting her best asset more. Rie’s got ass. This late 2022 debut has got the cake and S1 is showing it off more. I’m definitely looking into more from her in the future.

Finally we have a video with Asami Mizuhata a newer milf who started with Madonna but is freelancing now. This video with Nagae Style is an old fashioned old man gangbang. The gangbang has some not so pleasant geezers but the draw for me was Asami’s performing. They really pounded the shit out of her and she was more than game to take it all. The sex was pretty hot and I’m interested in seeing her again without the old men or at least better looking ones.

That’s all from me this month. For more from me check me out online @Fried_Chikan

FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: March 2024

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FreeDum 1 month ago
HSODA-003 is one of the hottest JAV ever. Both ladies looking amazingly hot and the concept is very sexy. The shower seen after with Kana Morisawa is also good but the second massage table scene with Mary Tachibana seems repetitive.
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