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Red JAV Redemption — Far West In The Far East

Don't worry. Something is coming. We do have full time jobs asides from this and IRL stuff just fyi (so don't expect requests to be done in the future. I'm just letting you know about this since it was already in the process). Along with this, I'm juggling roughly 15 or so articles which some are time sensitive.

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Panking's Top 10 Pet Peeves in JAV

Nobody ever needed the big name actresses :)

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Fried Chikan's mini Actress Spotlight: Kana Yume

I believe it's from MIZD-194, but idk from which video the omnibus took it from.

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JAV Sales Report - April 2021

Ai Mukai has grown in popularity since "growing" out her hair. Mio Kimijima has in contrast, been more popular with shorter hair. It depends on each person, how they rock the look, and when they hit their peak as well. I think whatever people watch and like (as a first impression), will generally be what they're used to, hence prefer that. One of the examples of that is Ai Sayama, based on people I've talked to.

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JAV News - May 2021 Edition by Mangochin

Yep! We'll include in next month's post (if there is one), assuming there's more fallout. Maxing is pretty much already slowly dying at the moment, so at this point it doesn't mean much asides from unless they can revive themselves from an increase in payout... which isn't happening unless they can sign exclusives, and redefine their identity to fans (which will require exclusives).

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