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Mangochin's JAV Recap of 2021 and 2020

Thanks! I could make a 'tier VR' but I realize people have different opinions and preferences, so I'll just do a detailed 'guide' at some point, w/ commentary so people know how I feel, but also indicate what they might like. It should also be said that w/ the vast change in quality from 2020 to 2021, let alone 2018 to 2021 has been vast, so assuming that the quality only continues to get better, it'd be unfair to studios to say it sucks... especially if they are new to making it. I also found Hodaka to be a good find by Dahlia, but she (among a few others), I am waiting for them to have a few more releases before I make a decision. Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the comment! :)

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Mangochin's JAV Recap of 2021 and 2020

She's been around for what will be a decade by the end of the year. She's had ups and downs, and basically done everything. You can expect several pieces on her by myself or other writers :)

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Red Hot Commodity: Ichika Matsumoto 2021

No. She doesn't do uncensored.

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JAV Auctions: The Good, the Weird, and the Ugly

Some sites don't actually check whether or not your phone is actually JP. That's been my experience w/ DMM so far- I can bid even w/o a JP phone number (though the formatting can be finnicky if you aren't careful), but I have heard of people having issues w/ it (keep in mind you will need VPN to access the page). As for foreigners bidding on auction items, I've heard of people using brokers (either via services who specialize in auctions... bit of gray area because of how high they can go/shipping laws,) or using friends who are in Japan to do it for them w/ a cap price.

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Nanami Kawakami's Retirement Tribute- Part 1 by Mangochin

Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

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