Aki New Promiscuous Wife From Kanagawa

Published May 4, 2016

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Aki is the sexually frustrated mistress slash wife of a much older man who is already married who decides to do some AV in order to feel fulfilled by GUTS.

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Aki New Promiscuous Wife From Kanagawa
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It's well known that affairs are considerably more common in Japan than other developed nations.  However, a recent court ruling has found that if you're basically paying for sex, it doesn't count as an extramarital affair.  Can the same also be said for bored housewives who decide to appear in AV?  In other words, does it count as cheating if you're the one being paid for sex and the relationship truly does not blossom past that brief bit of physical contact?

Make no mistake, today's unfaithful wife AKI is committing adultery in every sense of the word though WHO she is having it with is something we need to spend a few moments explaining.

AKI (last name not provided) has been 'married' for 2 years.  At 46, her husband is over 2 decades older than her.  They met at work and things seem to be going OK.  Not great, not bad, but probably closer to the negative side of a relationship than where they'd like to be.  If this was it, you'd already have a neat back-story to a wife-does-porn title, but the fact is AKI and her husband aren't truly married.

The problem is that her husband already has a wife.  His other wife has had that title for probably as long as AKI has been alive.  What seems to have happened is the marriage between AKI and her husband may not be totally official, but they're just going with it.

From the pre-coitus interview, it seems like AKI and her husband actually live together, but he's home pretty much late every night due to nonstop overtime.  Most likely his actual wife and him have lived separately for some time and just keep the marriage active for tax reasons (though even this may be pushing it as Japan's tax system is still more individual-oriented).

Fake marriage aside, AKI's life sounds rather empty.  Her husband's almost never there and even at 22, she recalls a happier time between them when sex was a lot more common and much more fierce.  Somehow she heard about wives like herself appearing in adult video and a few phone calls and meetings later, she's starring in NEW PROMISCUOUS WIFE FROM KANAGAWA by the GUTS production company.

You can consider this title a spiritual successor to a previous unfaithful wife update from last year starring YURI.  Both star young Japanese women married to men many years their senior.  Both are sexually frustrated and both live in areas not in, but just next to Tokyo (Kanagawa this time and Saitama in the previous iteration).  In fact, both titles follow the tried-and-true documentary AV format so it's best not to go into this update expecting any immense surprises...

...well, one salient nugget to note if you haven't been able to tell already is AKI seems to have had a visit or two a plastic surgeon as her breasts do not appear to be natural.  Some of you may detest this especially since this is an amateur title, but there are women in Japan who opt to get breast jobs.  It's not just a western thing and many a commercial here during prime-time hours is for plastic surgeons.

AKI put on a pretty good performance.  There even was a wee bit of acting in the first scene featuring her incorporating elements of her real life 'situation'.  Unfortunately, dialog in this update was top-heavy.  We heard a lot from her in the interview and the beginnings of the aforementioned affair scene, but outside of scene introductions, there wasn't much said between unfaithful wife and the men instructed to provide her with sexual relief.  We know some prefer dialog-heavy titles and we've many lined up including something very special being added later this month.

Until then, throw your conscious to the curb and even if you abhor real life affairs (money involved or not), enjoy the performance of AKI who as far as we know only has appeared in this title.  Perhaps her experiences with adultery are better suited for 'camera-less' settings.

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