Shaving Department Store Employee for Paipan Sex

Published May 22, 2019

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Self-explanatory title in this very well done amateur uncensored JAV release by DREAMROOM.

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Shaving Department Store Employee for Paipan Sex
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

You know, whether or not SHIZUKA HANADA, the star of today's uncensored JAV title really did work as a 'department store girl' is anyone's guess, she sure did play the part well.  She's got the look down solid:  the pale skin, the prim and proper uniform, the posture, and even the mannerisms.  She even nails the burikko needed for this questionably relevant Showa Era job that's assuredly going the way of the Dodo.  She's even great in bed and has a *really* open mind.  I mean it's not often you encounter a willing and able actress who's totally fine with going from respectively hairy to full paipan while the cameras are rolling.

Shaving, raw sex, and an initial risky public encounter are some of the highlights from SHAVING DEPARTMENT STORE EMPLOYEE FOR PAIPAN SEX.  SHIZUKA, we actually met before about a year ago in another uncensored DREARMOOM title.  That one had her co-starring with a possible real life friend for one of the most amazing afternoon FFM threesomes I've ever seen.  Sadly, those types of updates are unicorns in mosaic-free JAV and today's affair is of the one-on-on variety (with "Weasel" talking a bit from behind the camera).

That's not to say SHAVING DEPARTMENT STORE EMPLOYEE is a bore.  Far from it!  SHIZUKA is way less loquacious than she was in that threesome release, but dare I say it--she looks even better in this one with her hair up.  There's something just so devilishly wrong about seeing an upstanding Japanese service employee naked except for an unbuttoned blazer sauntering into a love hotel bedroom for some rather well-shot sex.

Even before the coitus, we're treated to her stripping down and being shaved bare.  This was done slowly and with multiple tools.  If you ever wanted to see JAV with a dedicated shaving section that also had no mosaic, you probably can't go wrong with an update like this one.  SHIZUKA went from full forest to scorched earth in about ten minutes.  The shaving was a work of love and the sex that followed was more of carnal lust.  SHIZUKA-chan was a team player throughout the entire event though her bedroom antics did veer a bit into dead fish territory.  An aggressive and freshly-shaved department store girl she is not.  Demure, innocent, but willing to try new things even when the camera rolling is who she is and she does it all unabashedly.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 323

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