Meina Shirakawa - Erections Raised for Hyper Cute Amateur

Published September 5, 2018

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JAV amateur Meina Shirakawa with stunningly good looks stars in this well shot natural lighting uncensored release by DREAMROOM.

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Meina Shirakawa - Erections Raised for Hyper Cute Amateur
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I can’t believe my luck scoring an interview (and then some, hehe…) with Meina Shirakawa.  At 23 years young she has impeccable style and while she denies it, I’m pretty sure she’s got some foreign DNA.  Being her first ever JAV shoot, I had her rest easy on the sofa and warmed her up to the heavier action we would get into soon enough.

Originally she was only down for us to film some fellatio, but her hypersensitive body responding so well that almost by magic her legs spread allowing me full access.  I’m rushing ahead a bit, sorry!  My time with this beauty was eventful to say the least.

We did go all the way at the end.  She was incredibly shy, but incredibly wet.  We did it bareback!  I’m a gentleman though so that final squirt was done over face rather than deep inside.

MEINA SHIRAKAWA is another one of those enigma JAV stars.  Heck, even calling her a star is pushing it.  Outside of one odd-ball 'female employee' title by Soft on Demand, she only did a small number of uncensored releases (3 total and 2 we'll be showing counting this one!).  How and why she did so little is anyone's guess, but it's incredibly unfortunate that fans of beauty only got to sample the charms of this stunningly beautiful and leggy Japanese woman only a few times before she vanished into the hubbub of Tokyo.

ERECTIONS RAISED FOR HYPER CUTE AMATEUR is a surprisingly well-done 10Musume DREAMROOM title.  It pairs beautiful yet rather quiet and docile MEINA SHIRAKAWA up against an actor whose name I still don't know, but affectionately refer to as 'Weasel' (it shouldn't take you long to figure out why).  I like the guy because he talks clearly, but what I don't like is just how talkative he can get during the act.  I do warn you that while the word count for this title may be fierce, it's mainly the culprit of an insane amount of mid-coitus repetition.  Japanese learners and frequent fans of JAV probably know what I'm referring to so I'll just leave it at that.

This is a really good movie.  Yes, talkative in a bad way due to the never-ending one-sided exchange by Weasel, but it makes up for that in epic amounts by featuring a drop-dead gorgeous actress, fantastic natural lighting, and rather well done camera-work.  A major complaint of mine is the multitudes of unnecessary close-ups in uncensored JAV and while ERECTIONS RAISAED has some, it rarely goes overboard.  Yes, yes, MEINA has a beautiful vagina, but a minute of the camera zoomed up against it is not necessary and thankfully was not featured here.

DREAMROOM must have struck gold with her because her follow-up that we will be showing sometime in the future also is shot beautifully.  MEINA still remains on the quiet side, but women with natural looks that good are rarities even within the Japanese AV industry.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 490

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