Blind Eye Anal Exploration

Published July 26, 2017

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Japanese gyaru amateur Ami Kozato whom you probably have not heard of in a quick love hotel romp featuring her first ever bout of anal sex by DREAMROOM.

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Blind Eye Anal Exploration
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The reasons someone decides to do JAV are numerous.  Some women's groups in Japan seem to assume that porn is evil and every single female in the industry is there via lies, deceit, and in some cases because of a 'strong' lack of choice (sorry, strict billing regulations means we can't even use the 'f' word that rhymes with 'horse').  This is malarkey though maybe not total falsehoods as there probably are indeed a very, very small percentage of women in the JAV industry who entered due to one of the three aforementioned vile reasons.  Make no mistake, we at ZENRA think any who are doing adult video due to one of these reasons deserves their time in court to take down their accusers.  But again, their numbers are minuscule compared to those who truly just want to do something naughty and get paid well for it...

...such as AMI KOZATO, the naturally tan (at least we think!) gyaru star of today's Amateur Nanpa title.  This is another one of the many we've shown by DREAMROOM.  If you're a fan of them, great!, as we've many dozens more still on the way.  If not, then perhaps today's update is one you may want to skip out on (which we're fine with!).

BLIND EYE ANAL EXPLORATION is, as the name implies, a release mainly focusing on anal play.  And yes, this time 'play' is not just quick and mischievous fingering of the star's butt hole before standard activities resume.  This time the anus remains the focus for pretty much two-thirds of the movie's 65 minute runtime.  It even features an anal sex finale though it breaks tradition with former (and upcoming) DREAMROOM amateur nanpa titles with the actor opting to use a condom (and I don't blame him!).

Protection is one thing you can't really 'fake' in an uncensored title like this one.  Going in raw and emptying inside of the actress are mainstays in many of DREAMROOM's updates--both 'professional' and 'amateur'.  In BLIND EYE, the actor still finishes inside AMI's anus, but you can't count it as a nakadashi conclusion due to the condom.  He doesn't beat around the bush either with trying to hide it; bareback anal sex was not featured here so if that's what you came to see, then you may wish to engage your imagination machine for the last few minute's of this release.

AMI KOZATO was a bit talkative during the outdoor street interview portion of this title--the first 4 minutes mainly right at the beginning.  However, she became predictably submissive for the remainder which is kind of a bummer.  Given her gyaru persona, a more outgoing personality--an 'attitude', even--would have been a cool companion to the unorthodox way her butt was treated by the actor/director.

AMI's career as a Japanese AV star was rather short:  after doing a small bit of searching, we found she did a few more movies with DREAMROOM.  But after that?  Nothing.  Perhaps like many other amateurs, her reasons for doing JAV may have been a combination of wanting to make a quick buck and satisfying some abnormal sexual curiosities.

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