Ayumu Sena of the Tropics

Published June 1, 2016

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Post-gyaru Japanese AV star Ayumu Sena performs swimmingly in this uncensored release with a very salient interview portion by DREAMROOM.

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Ayumu Sena of the Tropics
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Modern Japanese pop culture has its fair share of ups and downs and gyaru can be the best example of a trend that refuses to simply vanish in spite of (again) a sharp decline in popularity.  Historically speaking, gyaru have been around for decades; take any bubbly and young Japanese woman going against whatever demure dictates and you can kinda sorta already classify her as a gyaru.  It's not that hard.

Later on from the mid-90's onward, tanning became chic thanks in part to the fierce popularity of Okinawan-born Namie Amuro.  Being tan was cool and the trend of having artificially darkened orangey skin was in and has remained a facet of gyaru subculture even today (though even that's admittedly on the decline).

AYUMU SENA can fit in nicely here.  We don't know her life story all too well, but most likely she has spent a decent amount of time under a tanning bed going by her aversion to all things pale.  We can't complain though!  Although we may (now) be fond of the more traditional look, some women do look better with darker skin and AYUMU fits the bill nicely.

In AYUMU SENA OF THE TROPICS, a title originally shown on one of the sites DREAMROOM operates, we see her aversion to paleness extended to raiment due to her desire to shed it as soon as it's appropriate.  Now, she doesn't get naked right away as this release was shot in the standard interview-soft-hard format which we've come to love.

The interview itself ran for about 10 minutes and the interviewer whom we believe is CHINTAROU SAKURAI, the Japanese AV actor who looks somewhat thuggish but is an all-around nice dude, asked good questions and kept the conversion smooth.  We heard AYUMU queried about soft topics such as hobbies (cooking) along with more lascivious ones such as preferred dick types (any so long as they feel good) and erogenous zones (nipples and clitoris).

The interview concluded with an impromptu blowjob scene that led to AYUMU stripping both the actor and eventually herself for mutual pleasure.  This went beyond what was asked and was performed spectacularly.

The bulk of THE TROPICS was her 'romance' with CHINTAROU which began as a POV (point-of-view) scene, but whether intentionally or not, shifted into something a bit more standard towards its latter half.  Our only gripe is the amount of times AYUMU claimed to have orgasmed.  Any time you hear a Japanese woman squeak out an 'iku!' during love-love time, it means she is orgasming or about to have one.  AYUMU had to have over two dozen--or claimed too--and we're not so sure this was totally authentic.  It would have been nicer if she bottled up the announcements and only used the magic word a few times during the release to increase their efficacy.  Men obviously can't keep on announcing it so let's level that playing field some!

After the recent batch of extreme updates at ZENRA, we felt pushing out a more traditional title such as AYUMU SENA OF THE TROPICS was warranted.  We know sometimes regular sex is what's best for a prurient mind and AYUMU delivers near flawlessly when it comes to wonderful coitus.  We have more movies starring her and these could be the last since she recently announced her retirement after 8 years (!) of almost non-stop active duty service as a Japanese AV star.

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