Going Back to My Hometown for Audacious Outdoor Sex

Published June 5, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

This is a JAV movie where the title EXACTLY matches what happens; nothing more, nothing less—except for the potentially non-Japanese actor filming it all!

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Timing and Translation by JM84

It's very obvious that if one really went back to their bucolic Japanese hometown, it would not be for brazen sex literally on an unused road by a forest, but for some good home-cooking. But like all our updates, we present various flavors of JAV Land, sometimes spicy, sometimes funny, sometimes weird, and sometimes audacious. Today's update via DREAMROOM is a little bit of them all in a bite size package to boot.

Starring MAYU (no last name given), GOING BACK TO MY HOMETOWN FOR AUDACIOUS OUTDOOR SEX, is one of those borderline classic JAV movies of yesteryear shot right when HD cameras became a thing. Nowadays, even uncensored JAV rarely ventures outside of secure, closed quarters so seeing an amateur and her unique actor/director friend do most everything under the blue sky is a rare treat and a major reason why we're reaching back into a JAV time capsule of sorts to show this unique movie.

It's going to be obvious early on that the actor/director in this movie visually is an interesting fellow. Surely mixed if not totally foreign, his Japanese is top-notch though sadly I am in agreement with original Japanese reviewers that this guy just talked way too much and had a very annoying laugh to boot. Sure, it may not be easy to alter one's laugh, but there's talking to keep up the energy which sometimes becomes a necessity when you're working with a quiet performer and then overdoing it. He overdoes it.

MAYU is actually pretty outgoing. She may look like an introvert, but no introvert I know of would ever dream of going all the way outdoors and in such a brazen place! Props have to be given because what could have been some tame van sex movie in its second act becomes something pretty glorious. GOING BACK TO MY HOMETOWN runs a bit short even by DREAMROOM standards. Most movies by them push an hour, this one barely the length of an EP. Loquacious actor aside, it's a pretty good release that mostly successfully handles a theme becoming a unicorn in JAV Land.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique outdoor sex JAV movie.

+Actress very outgoing and nails it.

+Raw with real creampie.


-Actor/director too talkative for his own good.

-Short even by this studio's standards.

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