My First Time in Zentailand

Published April 30, 2016

#Exclusive #ClassicJAV

Even we are not sure whether to call this TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB movie an erotic performance art piece or maniac Japanese AV but definitely check it out either way!

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My First Time in Zentailand


Every so often we push out updates that are way, way out there.  You can consider these the true blue Japanese maniac titles.  Regular sex may be a miniscule portion or in some cases totally absent.  In its place is ample doses of straight-up weirdness which in itself can be one of those lovely things that make the adult subculture of Japan just so unique.

Take today's title, MY FIRST TIME IN ZENTAILAND, as a prime example of thinking outside the box.  Technically speaking, this is an uncensored title.  However, as you can already clearly see, 'uncensored' here doesn't mean you can clearly see genitalia without mosaic censorship.  Rather, there just isn't anything that requires it to be used in the first place!

The TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB can be considered a novel outreach program for those naturally introverted at heart who want to be noticed in real life, but still be able to 'hide' their real personas.  Just how there are many people in Japan who wear face masks everyday even when they have no cold or allergies, those subscribing to the ZENTAI way of life go a wee bit further by covering their entire body in form-fitting Lycra.

ZENTAI is a subculture in itself and although the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB may be one of its most well-known representative organizations, you can find people across the world subscribing to this way of life (well, at least on weekends and holidays).  Along with making their presence known in big ways at the MANY fetish conventions held in Japan, they also produce kinda sorta adult videos which we have shown on ZENRA from time to time.

MY FIRST TIME IN ZENTAILAND is the last of the initial three that we licensed from them.  This release is about as 'hard' as the previous update, but is closer to a performance art piece that best describes the first title by them.  With that said, being a title more about seeing than hearing, dialog is again totally absent so we do apologize for those raising an eyebrow or two about the lack of English subtitles on a site all about subtitled Japanese AV.  Sometimes we do have to make an exception and given the hefty dialog in some of the releases this month, we gave our subtitling team a bit of respite with this update.

The theme of ZENTAILAND is fully-clothed Lycra lovemaking.  That's it, really.  Don't discount it though, because there's something truly marvelous about seeing two ZENTAI-covered people doing the salacious--or at least emulating it.  What's more, this release features actual members of the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB.  The previous update about the photography club event featured an AV star tippy-toeing into the world of ZENTAI.

Since real club members were filmed, they kept their identities hidden although the final scene does show the (naked) female member putting on a ZENTAI suit.  Her head is facing away from the camera so butt-lovers and fans of pale Japanese woman are in for a treat.  This was also shot at just the right angle that didn't warrant the use of mosaic, but we won't apply the 'Uncensored' label to this release as it wouldn't be too accurate given the other titles on ZENRA that have that classification.

We know not everyone may be keen on seeing a title that's mainly about simulated sex with people totally covered in raiment.  It's certainly as far from the norm as you can get, but that's what ZENTAI--and ZENRA to some extent--is about.  Our goal is to showcase great Japanese adult video and sometimes this means including titles that are a bit 'out there'.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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