Saki Fukae - Exposing Unfaithful Wife Under the Beautiful Blue Sky First Half

Published January 10, 2024

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An incredibly easy on the eyes Japanese MILF goes on a car ride with one rule: no clothes and no rubbers.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

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One cannot discuss engimas without mentioning SAKI FUKAE, the star of today and next week's rare two parter via DREAMROOM. Easy on the eyes from head to toe, busty, all natural, pale, shaved except just around the sensitive bits, and pushing if not already at the big 4-0. There are MILF JAV performers and then there are ones like this who really could have become one of the greats ala MAKI HOJO if she decided to stick around for more than two movies. With that said, perhaps one wild day of filming--because really this extra long release covers many bases from car sex to outdoor sex to outdoor bath sex and more--was enough for one career?

EXPOSING UNFAITHFUL WIFE UNDER THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKY may in fact star a married woman if the conversation contains elements of truth. Perhaps one with a husband who isn't bringing in enough, one who's married to someone who lacks a sex drive (certainly not at the level she shows in this movie!), or perhaps the relationship has been on the rocks so long they don't even share a bed? What we do know is she's down for a fun-filled day with JAV's own GENKI SUDO lookalike. Cool guy, easy on the eyes, and really fit though there are times when it's as if he has never seen a vagina before and can't stop gushing about how amazing they look (you'll know it when you see it).

You can almost consider EXPOSING UNFAITHFUL WIFE to be some type of romantic getaway with random sex thrown in almost nonstop. The type of backstory we'd see in a GOGOS update with a similar theme is seemingly replaced with lots more pistons and antics from the first few minutes towards the very end. It's almost that lack of backstory that sometimes hurts these types of movies. With each seemingly restricted to about an hour, filming and editing choices sometimes are made more for the sake of that than turning out something someone with a deeper curiosity can really sink their teeth into. Minor issues though because SAKI really is just one of those Japanese MILF performers that don't come around too often and in a one-two punch, delivers and then some.

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+Super easy on the eyes MILF actress.

+Sex in the car, outside of it, and other various locations.

+All real creampies.

+Unique use of picture-in-picture.


-Interview too short to really get to know her.