Hikaru Nakamura - Jukujo Erotic Part-Time Job Only on Weekends

Published November 8, 2023

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Could this be the most ideal Japanese amateur? Someone both adorable and kinky, but in amounts that favor the former and down for a real deal raw encounter.

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Hikaru Nakamura - Jukujo Erotic Part-Time Job Only on Weekends

Timing and Translation by JM84

There always is this randomness when it comes to amateurs who appear in certain types of 'underground' JAV movies. Are they going to be one-off performers who at most may do one or two movies before calling it quits? Statistically, this is the case. More often than not, they go in for the easy money, do a half dozen movies of this sort at most, and then bow out back into normal life hoping that real life friends and family never find out. Then you get the more interesting types such as HIKARU NAKAMURA, a lady of many names now most known as MIWA KIRITANI, whom since 2014 on and off has been appearing in these types of movies. Whether she can be considered an active JAV star is a question for another review, but as of writing this at least, against all odds, she remains quite active on Twitter and appears to have taken the route other kinda-sorta JAV stars do: stripping.

Like RIRI KOUDA, stripping seems to be an interesting outlet for actresses who still want to remain involved in the industry. I for one think it's a considerably better outlet than the other more common option: working as a hostess/running a girls bar while potentially moonlighting doing 'other things' on the side. That way, filled with smoky rooms and handy customers with questionable hygiene, is a depressing route to choose. Stripping, while also an activity of the night, has an allure of mystique, is not as sexual (though obviously quite sexually-charged!) since customers don't physically interact with performers, and most important of all: requires one to stay in great physical condition!

Tangents aside, we now dive into today's update, JUKUJO EROTIC PART-TIME JOB ONLY ON WEEKENDS. By DREAMROOM and released on their popular amateur site, this is a movie that if anything give off a vibe most not amateur. The actress, as noted, has experience and the production values are surprisingly good. In spite of her history in front of the camera, HIKARU/MIWA here is presented as a first-timer and really nails it. Not only that, she adds just the right amount of innocent kink via unexpected and very well done rimming. You can tell underneath that bubbly Showa Era burikko exterior we've something less 'weekend jukujo' (or 'older woman' which she really isn't then or still now!) and more 'weekend sex freak'. A fun movie that does not overstay its welcome and even concludes with a rare standing real deal creampie finish.

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+Manages to combine girl-next-door looks with the right amount of kink.
+Outgoing enough, but not too much!  An ideal 'amateur' debut.
+Rare standing creampie finish.


-Billed as an amateur movie, but the production quality may almost be *too* good.