Yuki Shinoda - I Know Judo

Published August 2, 2023

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Beyond being skilled in martial arts, this Japanese amateur is the possessor of a body that needs to be seen to be believed.

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Yuki Shinoda - I Know Judo
Timing and Translation by JM84

If there ever was a JAV star who may appear extremely unassuming when modestly dressed but jaws drop when she's in her birthday suit, today's performer and as we shall soon see, today's athlete, YUKI SHINODA should be on that list.  Definitely the type one may disregard when walking around Tokyo possibly this summer, but if you were lucky enough to have come knocking on your door after daring to try out delivery health, don't let that frown begin to form because the surprise is coming and it's very much worth it!

I KNOW JUDO is about a Japanese amateur actress who happens to know judo.  DREAMROOM kept it direct and to the point and for this simple update, it works in their favor.  Pretty much any time a new face enters the industry, agencies and studios as well would like to know if there's any special talents that fresh face has.  After all, debuts are already pretty dull ("What's your hobby?", "Uh, I like to go shopping.", "...") so even if there's a tiny unique nugget within the story of her life she is fine with letting the world know about, you certainly will see the debut talk about it at the very least.  And sometimes debuts are almost too focused on it!  Tangent:  "Back in high school, I was on the basketball team and we got to regionals."  JAV output:  "Nationwide basketball star can shoot hopes from halfway down the court and accept creampies from just as far 240 minute special debut!"  You get my drift.

YUKI SHINODA performs alongside that really smooth-talking actor whose stage name I still do not know.  It's a great pairing.  I love seeing him in most anything and like other amateur movies we have shown with him, the combination of his presence plus a good cameraman can really elevate a movie from a simple sex affair to something really great.  Here, while the judo predictably only makes its self known in the first part, both the shower sex and the raw sex on that red sofa were filmed with finesse.  I mean it!  Natural lighting, tan lines in the right places, and a very dynamite body looked perfect on that sofa.  Talk about everything falling together nicely to make a movie well worth seeing.

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+Unassuming actress until clothes are shed.
+Until now, I was not a fan of tan lines.
+Great lighting in spite of it being low budget.
+Raw and real creampie.


-Like most other "I have a talent!" JAV movies, only a little bit of time is given to showing off said talent.