Yuriko Hosaka - Needy Wife Bike Ride to Outdoor Sex

Published June 21, 2023

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The ultimate example of a mama-san gone JAV? From outdoor bottomless bicycle reading to then and there sex under a blue sky and a passionate hotel encounter.

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Yuriko Hosaka - Needy Wife Bike Ride to Outdoor Sex
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

YURIKO HOSAKA is something of an enigma in that fans of traditional Japanese women--pale skin, natural, and demure--on paper may take one look at her and elect a hard pass.  This describes me to a T.  But sometimes you encounter women who know what they're bringing to the table and make no apologies about it.  That, my friends, is what YURIKO HOSAKA is all about.  This is no prim and proper housewife.  This is not a woman who has lived a sheltered life in the suburbs of eastern Morioka before tiptoeing into a clandestine JAV career.  This, my friends, is someone who most likely has been a regular member of Japan's 'water trade' for decades.  I'm assuming kyabakura followed by hostess and then mama-san with random periods of also moonlighting (or daylighting given her normal working hours) in the delivery health business.  Normally, I would oblige not to select this woman if I ever was a horny potential customer perusing a delivery site, but gosh am I thankful to see her in her first JAV outing with us.  I don't exactly how, but she has won me over.

NEEDY WIFE BIKE RIDE TO OUTDOOR SEX is not exactly truthful because for starters, a woman like YURIKO HOSAKA most likely was not married, but who knows!  Also, while the movie's title is accurate in that there is an outdoor bicycle riding and sex portion, the second half is in a hotel room (though ends with her riding away).  Still, we do get some great outdoor exposure and some outdoor sex as well.  In fact, even the indoor portions look great in spite of this being a movie all shot by one person.  Indeed a lewd MILF of a performer, but gosh does she dominate!  To conclude a brief release and a brief review, please give her a chance.  Even if you are like me and normally prefer more 'approachable' women, this is one who will buck that trend and surprise most anyone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 261

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent outdoor footage from bottomless bike riding and sex under a blue sky!
+Not your average MILF.  This one is way wilder.
+Even those who prefer natural will be rewarded here.


-Bolt-ons can be distracting.
-Still images show a great naked mirror selfie encounter that seems to be missing from the actual footage.

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