Yumi Konuma - My Surprise JAV Audition

Published April 12, 2023

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Behind the scenes of a happy face eager for the challenges of appearing naked and then some for the happiness of tens of thousands of viewers across the world.

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Yumi Konuma - My Surprise JAV Audition
Timing and Translation by JM84

People not in the industry often wonder just how everything operates behind closed doors.  Are the recreations of the JAV industry as we have seen in series like the Naked Director totally accurate?  Or even partially accurate?  While it was enjoyable and generally followed how the JAV industry of our day came into being, it definitely entertained the senses more so than reality.  No, the offices of one of the biggest studios in the country is also not going to be a penthouse-like hangout where all the big names simply lounge around all day.  Certainly elements like that feature extra embellishing because people are people and one thing the younger ones have in common is if it counts as work, they'll only be there for as little as possible!

A reality check and then some sends us to today's update all about a prospective actress considering a career in JAV.  Remember, limitless options awaits most any women in Tokyo who wants to get into some some of 'acting', but the barrier to entry and high pay are both easy and high only for the ones that show more and more skin with ours being the final frontier of sorts.  YUMI KONUMA represents this type of woman.  A life story we don't get much of and surprisingly a career equally a vacuum.  Once a upon a time via R18 (RIP) we had a great and convenient way to see if actresses went by other names though sadly now we are much limited.  Our go-to had nothing and DREAMROOM's young amateur site only bills her for this movie so perhaps YUMI is in fact the real deal:  an actress with only one title to her name who just happened to appear in a movie about wanting to appear in JAV.  Talk about breaking that fourth wall and running with it!

MY SURPRISE JAV AUDITION is the sequel to a movie from a few months ago.  The format and even location appear identical.  What can be said about that one can be applied here though for some reason we don't get a quickie scene with an additional actress.  Discounting that, YUMI is the better one in my opinion.  Both women in the previous update sure look easy on the eyes, but YUMI also looks like the real deal.  The other two gave off a slightly experienced vibe that doesn't totally adhere to this movie's plot.  We want amateur, we want eager, we want not perfect, and YUMI KONUMA delivers those goods.

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+Perhaps this is how some JAV auditions happen?
+Not realistic, but that finish sure is!
+Actress totally looks the part.


-Surprisingly not a creampie finish, but that suits the plot.

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