Eri Makino - Running While Top-Heavy

Published March 15, 2023

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The real risks when running outside in eastern Tokyo without a bra on are too many to list. Eri Makino plays it safe by retiring indoors for creampie sex.

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Eri Makino - Running While Top-Heavy
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

The most unique thing about RUNNING WHILE TOP-HEAVY, starring the curvy but not for much longer (you'll see why in a few months) ERI MAKINO who seemed to be everywhere JAV for a few months once upon a time is the dialog:  a masterpiece of proportions that make her already formidable chest perk up in envy totaling one solid line.  That's it!  And I bet seasoned veterans of voluptuous Japanese women having raw creampie sex can guess what line it is.  Hint:  it happens near the very end!

Before that of course is the theme of this lovely albeit too quiet for it's own good DREAMROOM release consisting of some excellent outdoor footage of ERI wearing a very revealing jogging uniform sans bra running to and fro.  It was pretty daring all things considered and I wonder if it would be possible to pull off nowadays given how much stricter the industry has become with outdoor filming.

This is going to be a difficult movie to flesh out a proper review for.  One line of dialog, a curvy actress, outdoor running with lots of skin and curves on display, followed by some great nearly mute sex with a lovely finish.  It's not a masterpiece in film-making, but it mostly does what it sets out on accomplishing.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Curvy actress really nailing an hourglass figure.
+Commendable outdoor running footage.
+Authentic creampie finish.


-I still question myself why we opted to license a movie with only one line of dialog for a site featuring subtitled JAV.

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