Perfect Body Housewife Who Loves to Masturbate

Published January 18, 2023

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Fingering is a given, but beyond that, a body of dangerous proportions and a libido that truly is never-ending. A most ideal Japanese wife.

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Perfect Body Housewife Who Loves to Masturbate
Timing and Translation by JM84

Add YUUNA YUZUMOTO to the list of actresses who for some reason beyond the knowledge of mere mortals decided two relatively low budget uncensored JAV movies was enough adult video for one life.  Here we have a slightly older woman with looks well beyond the classification of "amateur housewife" who seemingly did nothing but that.  Legs that go on forever, a great face, nice hair (really, it suits her well), shaved, but not totally shaved, eager for fun even when her talent happens to be the brusque small sword-bearing camera-wielding actor/director type.  Such is life.  YUUNA made some OK choices if it was either this or more part-time work at the supermarket.

PERFECT BODY HOUSEWIFE WHO LOVES TO MASTURBATE can describe many a...well, housewife in Japan.  Rare is encountering real married women with YUUNA's physique in the wild.  Closer to normal is frumpy yet skinny, flat in the front and sadly flat in the back.  There's a certain look many a Japanese women her age gets from a life of little to no exercise and raising a family and trust me, it isn't pretty.  Seeing the last of one's youth waste away YUUNA pushes to the wayside via ferocious fingering and risque no condom encounters.

In today's update, we get the namesake of the title plus a slightly alternative sexy lingerie sex scene.  I can't say I love it.  In fact, if the actress was less of a looker, this would be the kind of movie that probably wouldn't make it on ZENRA.  We have sky high standards, you know.  But YUUNA just looks great.  Even clothed, even partially clothed, even spread with panties on, and certainly spread with panties off, she is the ideal Japanese housewife of a very lucky husband--or not because how can a husband be lucky if his wife is getting off with many strangers with rolling cameras?  Reality and JAV Land intersect and what we get here is something pretty decent, but not a runaway hit.  Dare I say it, while the second scene is the one with hardcore material, the initial interview plus striptease is where it's at.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 371

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Beautiful (I mean it!) actress with legs that never end.
+Performs a killer striptease.


-Selfshot sex scene ho-hum (doesn't help the director is'll see.).

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