Nasal Domination Methods for Japanese Women and Schoolgirls

Published June 27, 2015

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Extreme Japanese bondage with the added element of humiliating nose hook usage on three female Japanese volunteers carried out by Eizoh Chiba with subtitles.

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Nasal Domination Methods for Japanese Women and Schoolgirls
with English Subtitles


Nose hooks.  You rarely--if ever--see these outside of Japanese AV.  In fact, even within the burgeoning Japanese adult video industry, the use of these and other harder and more 'niche' bondage instruments is not that common.  Most production companies steer clear of heavier features like this since they draw a smaller audience.  Most surfers in Japan surprisingly prefer regular hardcore movies.  They aren't much different than western surfers when it comes to erotic preferences.

However, there still exists a small yet vocal number of adult video connoisseurs who prefer harder genres.  Bondage mainly.  Or S&M.  Or BDSM.  The names vary but titles of heavy domination are the forte for those who want to see their most prurient fantasies become reality.

Extreme S&M play by EIZOH CHIBA, the mastermind behind the TANBIKAI production company has been cranking out almost a title a month almost all centered upon nose hook play since the 1990's.  Seeing an attractive woman naked and bound is what the heavier aspects of male-dominated BDSM is structured on.  The inclusion of nose hooks amplifies the shameful elements that this kind of play features for the one who is bound by distorting her face.

A bound beautiful woman is one thing.  Many do prefer this heavier aspect of sexual play, but TANBIKAI ups the ante of heavy by heavy nasal distortion effectively turning each willing and able female participant into something rather porcine.

Last May we saw our first glance of what Mr. Chiba is capable of in one of the harder titles in TANBIKAI's expansive library.  That title was an intense one.  Hot wax, ropes, multiple nose hooks, and a messy enema finale (that we had to cut short in order to show on ZENRA and we do apologize for it!) filled nearly two hours of Japanese bondage perfection.

Now, not all titles from TANBIKAI are as brutal as that one.  Granted, they're all very far into the world of bondage, but not every 120 minute adventure ends up with a quivering naked female covered in sweat, love juice, wax, and well...other things, too.  Some are more mutual.  Some are more fun.  Some even involve good humor from all involved parties.

Humor and defiance best sum up the first scene of today's update, NASAL DOMINATION METHODS FOR JAPANESE WOMEN AND SCHOOLGIRLS, a compilation release from TANBIKAI starring Maru Yamamoto, Mikuru Miyakawa, and RIN aka Momoha.  Teasing via nose hooks and masturbation by means of sex toys is the most direct way to sum up what happens during the three scenes that make up this release.

The first, starring Maru Yamamoto (whom Mr. Chiba told us and has allowed us to tell you that she went to a very prestigous university in Tokyo while working in AV), is one featuring the most 'defiance' (Mr. Eizoh's words, not ours).  The second has mixtures of humor and submission, and the last is straight-up submission.  Take note that these titles may appear rather extreme--and they are, but all actresses in TANBIKAI titles are there by their own free will.  Mr. Chiba Eizoh is not a creepy old man who mistreats his talent.  Rather, he's been in the industry so long his street cred is as good as nose hooks that is.

Nose hooks are starting to be shown more in more in 'softer' Japanese AV titles.  Sometimes extreme oral play is also included by means of mouth expansion trays.  These are great titles and may be shown on ZENRA in the future, but do take note that you will not see any better use of nose hooks than what's shown in TANBIKAI titles.

Having the ability to view TANBIKAI titles in the west is a rare treat.  Due to being produced for a low number of interested viewers, physical versions of these titles have a 10,000 yen (approximately $100USD) retail price.  Even 'discount' download sites in Japan sell them for 5,000 yen.  ZENRA subscribers get the best deal since this is another wonderful series of titles offered to our subscribers and the more popular Mr. Chiba's titles become, the more we can pay him each month to continue churning them out.

We would like to apologize though:  this title features several instances of incorrect editing resulting in roughly 5 minutes of repeated footage throughout the 2 hour running time.  We felt it was best to show the title uncut in spite of these small mistakes.  Those wanting to see the true might of extreme nose hook play should keep your eyes on our Future Updates page.  Out of the initial 14 titles that are slated to appear on ZENRA, today's title was by far the lightest.  The seriously eyebrow-raising work such as that TANBIKAI title featuring a Caucasian woman from California will be shown in the near future.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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