Ryoko Fukada - False Idol

Published June 8, 2022

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

The Fukakyon Boom is Alive and Well! A blast from the past with not a pixel in sight!

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Ryoko Fukada - False Idol
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

I have multiple ways I can go into a movie like this.  It's a challenge whether to start right away by panning it which would be unfair given the story behind it.  Calling it a classic would be a lie as well.  Going right in and talking about how cute the actress is without a sliver of back-story wouldn't be fair either.  With all this at my disposal, allow me to commence with a short Japanese pop culture history lesson.

My own entry into the world of Japanese media started way back in the 90's.  Along with taking Japanese in high school as an elective, I started watching the once weekly several hours of free J-drama TV that aired on a local channel (it's a miracle this even was a thing back then!).  A very popular drama at this time was running.  Entitled "God, Please Give Me More Time" (in Japanese as "神様、もう少しだけ"), this was a drama unlike any other.  Rather than focusing on some hokey slice of life plot with poor acting--mainstays of normal TV shows in Japan--we got something heart-wrenching and realistic:  a schoolgirl uber-fan of a popular singer who was in dire need of concert tickets.  To score them, she made a fraught decision akin to what we have covered in 'compensated dating'.  The end result?  Tickets, yes, but also HIV.  Impressive acting, a cute lead, a touching story--the keys to spark a cultural phenomenon that coincided with the boom of 'Fukakyon' mania.

While still a figure of note today, Kyoko Fukada as talk of the town certainly peaked around 2002.  This was also a period where we saw a 'pseudo celebrity' craze in JAV casting new faces that bared a smidgen of similarities with known names.  Some time ago we showed the first FALSE IDOL by VIRTUAL WAVE and today we're back with what will probably be the last of them.  Filmed so long ago (hint:  see date at beginning of this paragraph) that some of our current subscribers may not have even been born yet, calling this anything but #ClassicJAV would be downright dishonest.  FALSE IDOL starring RYOKO FUKADA has officially achieved retro status, but even for its age, it looks pretty darn good--the first half hour of it that is.

What we get there to kick things off is a fun devil's threesome.  It gets started right away and honestly, depending on the angle, RYOKO does look kind of similar to Kyoko.  However, whereas the former gained fame due to her innocence and purity, from the moment RYOKO opens her mouth, it's beyond obvious we're dealing with a delinquent (or a person who plays one well).  If Kyoko Fukada had a sibling or first cousin who grew up in the roughest parts of Higashi Osaka, RYOKO would be her name.  For a lower budget title shot by a real indies studio, what we get in this scene is pretty good.  It certainly features more close-ups than I'd like, but given this is a mosaic-lifted uncensored release, I can't complain too much.  What's more, unlike other movies by this studio, the sex is absolutely real (the cum too!).

The devil's threesome is followed by--honesty here--a near useless self-shot masturbation scene followed by one of those "the director has obviously never seen a vagina before let alone did anything with it" experimentation encounter.  The latter we did not subtitle due to its asinine nature so please don't contact us asking why there are no captions present.  It's silly and with the time they booked the actress for, there were many other things they should have done instead.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 113

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+She does kinda look like Fukakyon.
+Mosaic-free with some great quality footage for its time.
+No sex fakery.


-Runs 60 minutes with only the first scene being worth watching.
-Too many close-ups.  Cameraman sometimes running on auto-pilot in less than pleasant angles.

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