Step-Moms Perform Surprise Penis Inspections

Published May 2, 2022

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Older and sex-starved make some Japanese women do the most unthinkable things.

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Step-Moms Perform Surprise Penis Inspections
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

On one hand, I've always been a fan of the NON 'package movies' where we get one scene enacted with a half dozen or so actresses.  On the other, I'm supposed to write reviews that lay it all out.  Obviously, with few exceptions, trashing a movie we're showing for our subscribers is not a wise business decision, but neither is all out praising something that doesn't deserve.  Thus, with some titles, we have to walk a very fine line of honesty while not annoying our studio partners that much.

A movie like today's update, STEP-MOMS PERFORM SURPRISE PENIS INSPECTIONS puts us in a bind for a variety of reasons.  Frankly, it's not that great of a movie.  There, I said it!  We even had to remove an actress not due to any studio request, but due how poor the scene turned out along with her 'drive-by Tsuruhashi down-on-her-luck tanning salon junkie' looks.  If you look at the box cover, you'll know what I'm getting at.  Let's just say the theme absolutely does no suite her, the actor who was supposed to be playing her step-son was in her fifties--old enough to be her step-father, not the other way around!--and the scorched earth dead color lighting was doing nobody any favors.

The plot itself also doesn't help here.  Realism of course isn't what we hope to achieve in releases like this, but everything felt all too sudden with the women nearly jumping on confused men for encounters that perhaps aside from the first--honestly, the only spectacular one in the entire movie--fall very flat.

That first encounter, of course, stars KANNA SHINOZAKI, and after seeing enough of these NON releases makes me think she and that actor filmed a whole bunch of these over one day given how both look identical in all of them.  I'll never get enough of KANNA's perfectly cherubic figure and even a 'flat' performance by her is still great.  Here, she fortunately delivers.  Sadly, her scene is at the beginning so it all goes downhill rather quickly.

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+KANNA SHINOZAKI in scene one.
+Honestly, that's about it.


-Pretty much the entire review covers this.

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