Junna Asakura - Pink Lady

Published October 20, 2021

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Classic, retro, certainly not from the modern times but do not skip this! Shot with great gear and features a very cute and curvy actress with a hairy bush.

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Junna Asakura - Pink Lady
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Let's get right down to the nuts and bolts of PINK LADY:  this is a surprisingly good #ClassicJAV that checks off all the boxes I'd like to see in a movie.  We've a cute actress with some well-formed natural curves, a mild nonchalantness when it comes to exposing herself (not too shy, not too outgoing), again surprisingly good production values (including very clear picture) given its age, and yes, in spite of being filmed originally for the domestic Japanese market, we're fortunate enough to be able to show the uncensored master cut for a foreign audience so we get to see everything:  the good and the bad.

JUNNA SAKURAI is as far from a known name as you can get.  Not a total one-and-done'r, but close.  A few titles under her belt with the scantest of bios, we get an actress who wanted to dip her toes into something naughty before bowing out and returning to a normal life.  Surely a housewife of sorts today who may look back at her time in front of the camera sans clothing as one of risque adventure and surely something she has no interest doing again (though with re-debuts becoming more and more popular, never say never!).

PINK LADY is all about showing off JUNNA in the best of ways.  It's no big budget release, but its 90 minutes are 90 minutes done well.  Each of the four scenes brings something unique and fun to the table.  We're fortunate in that play is not repeated which is common in longer JAV movies.  I've always said 90 minutes is the sweet spot for these types of movies; go longer and you start to get sloppy editing and re-hashing activities.  Studios may as well pay actresses a bit less for a shorter day of filming then push out longer and longer movies (sorry, but 3 hour vanilla JAV movies starring only one actress are a perfect example of what not to do).  We get a blowjob scene, a sex scene, a slightly kinky oral sex/lotion play scene (blindfolded!), and a solid 'made to orgasm' scene to round things out.  I'm a happy camper, as is JUNNA.  This is filming done right.

VIRTUAL WAVE overall did a great job here.  It's not perfect though.  I'm pretty sure the cumshot we saw in that first scene was via a 'packet' or squirter of sorts.  Yes, the mosaic is gone, but the angle still was enough for him to hide something and the squirting appeared to happen slightly below where you'd expect it to be.  Fortunately, the sex that follows in the next scene is totally authentic including the conclusion.  JUNNA ASAKURA has a fantastic butt that gets great air there and again in that wild lotion play scene.  There's truly something magical about seeing such an exposed derriere up in the air with all holes open wide (OK, just the butt-hole in this encounter, but that just made it look all the better!).

Don't go into PINK LADY looking for a well known JAV star.  This is low budget in some ways, stars someone probably none of our subscribers are familiar with, but it's shot well, JUNNA is indeed a looker, and the play is very well done.  This won't win any awards, but it does win my nod of approval.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 629

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Uncensored master footage of a very well done (for its time) JAV movie.
+Cute, curvy actress with a great butt not afraid to show it off.
+Speaking of butts, check out "that" part of the lotion scene!
+Hairy where it counts most if you prefer the unshaven look.


-Total no name, but is being an 'amateur' a bad thing?
-Possible cum packet use in blowjob scene (cum in sex scene is real).
-Actor in 'made to orgasm' scene talked way too much.

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