Ren Miyamura - Living in Poverty

Published November 25, 2020

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The closest you will see to the projects in Japan featuring a young couple going at it all the way without any pulling out.

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Ren Miyamura - Living in Poverty
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

From the first time I saw REN MIYAMURA--in a lesbian JAV no less!--I was ensorcelled.  How could an actress with looks like this go unnoticed for so long?  Yes, she has bolt-ons; there's no denying that!  But they're small (all things considered) and fit her body well.  Otherwise, a natural beauty who already was over 30 when LIVING IN POVERTY was shot.  Aside from her amazing eternally beautiful mien, her biggest claim to fame body-wise would be her totally bald vagina.  Not shaved, but absolutely hairless certainly via some form of laser hair removal.  We've seen plenty of shaved JAV stars, but she may be the first who's totally bare down there and performing in an uncensored release.

LIVING IN POVERTY makes it sound like we're getting some sort of tender drama about a couple trying to make do in less than stellar conditions.  I'd figure with a name like that we'd have a down-on-his-luck husband, a dutiful wife who ends up finding happiness in the arms of a rich paramour, and probably lots of sex in between.  Sadly, that's not what we get.  In traditional DREAMROOM fashion, LIVING IN POVERTY follows the trend of a one hour release with a smidgen of plot in the beginning followed by nonstop sex.  Plot here actually is essentially non-existent.  REN and her boyfriend are poor.  That's it, really.  She comes back from the convenience store, they talk almost too much about delicious their soft drinks are (lack of script is my guess for this awkward dialog exchange), and then sexy times begin!

I'd of loved a story.  I think REN MIYAMURA is capable of giving a dramatic performance.  A movie like LIVING IN POVERTY is probably a shoe-in for her.  We get dialog, but nothing deep.  I don't know why they're living in such a crappy apartment.  Yes, her boyfriend looks like one of those gyaru-o that grew out of working at a tanning salon to doing some type of 3K job.

The sex itself?  Fantastic.  Uncensored may have its flaws, but LIVING IN POVERTY delivered in droves.  Great angles, great action, and a real creampie finish.  The play at least leaves pretty much nothing out.  Sure, anal may not happen, but aside from that, you can add check marks next to near everything you'd want to see in a hardcore JAV movie.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 326

4 Files 2.22GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Beautiful actress, great visuals.
-Real creampie finish.


-Sound issues at times.
-Lack of a plot when presented with a good opportunity to have one.

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