Please Finish On Our Faces

Published May 27, 2020

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Real life friends go all the way together in a love hotel with the help of two JAV actors by DREAMROOM.

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Please Finish On Our Faces
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

The majority of time you hear JAV stars confess about things from their real life, there's a good chance they're stretching the truth.  This isn't some "all girls lie" rant.  Rather, it's just the nature of keeping one's real life and adult video persona separate.  Most often elements of their real lives do seep in front of the camera, but still, if I had a nickel for every time an actual 18 or 19 year old claimed to contact an agency on her own to debut in JAV, I could almost buy a turkey sandwich!

Sometimes, however, we really will see actual friends debut together and going by today's update, PLEASE FINISH ON OUR FACES, being the only on that stars both SATSUKI OGAWA and AOI NAKAHARA, I'm inclined to believe they are indeed real friends.  I'm also going to guess they had experience in the Water Trade before making the jump to uncensored JAV filming.  Are either of them babes?  Debatable.  I'd pin them down more as the type of girls you'd see at AgeHa in Tokyo or Joule in Osaka at around 3:30AM.  The type that may have come in with a big group of friends, but ended up staying later and later in hopes of scoring a ride home (or perhaps a quickie hotel stay with a one-night lay).

PLEASE FINISH ON OUR FACES when it comes to format is standard fare for an amateur DREAMROOM title.  The interview this time around is short and play happens within minutes.  Make note overall this is a unique movie because not only does it feature double the normal amount of women, but it has an extensive and educational lesbian segment.  Yes, lesbian play in an uncensored JAV movie.  That's almost as rare as it gets.  The way they were experimenting on each other made me truly think this was their first time exploring another woman, but I give them credit for not holding back.  This wasn't tame breast-licking as we've seen in various young mother threesome movies.  What we have here is full-on fingering, toy usage, and even cunnilingus.  It was awkward at times, but given the amateur feel of this release, I won't deduct points for that.

Surprisingly given DREAMROOM's track record for creampie finishes, this one doesn't have it.  As the title implies, we're treated with two facials (though the last came dangerously close to an internal misfire!).  And given how open both gyaru were towards unique play, my money's on there being no money for a double nakadashi finish.  If two girls, raw sex, and two facials stretched the limit of their shoot, then that's that.


Score:  3/5

Pro's:  lengthy lesbian interlude in an uncensored JAV?!

Con's:  bad lighting, 'gyaru-next-door' looks may not be for everyone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 369

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