Kei Nishizono - Hips From Another Dimension

Published September 12, 2018

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Thickness and a tan this natural are JAV rarities making me think the star of this uncensored release by DREAMROOM may hail from Okinawa.

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Kei Nishizono - Hips From Another Dimension

with English Subtitles


Stop the presses! This is KEI NISHIZONO's final title. What? You didn't know?

Honestly, I had no idea as well and before stumbling upon this uncensored release by DREAMROOM. I admittedly had no idea who this actress was. Thankfully, fate has been kind enough for us to notice this title during a licensing spree we went on not too long ago. What HIPS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION lacks in a plot and decent sound production (we'll get to that shortly), it makes up for with the never-ending curves of the actress taking part in some heavenly bareback sexual relations.

OK so yes, HIPS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION is pretty much--no, it's totally a plot-less vanilla JAV about a thicker than normal Japanese woman having glorious sex. That's it. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, it doesn't set any records, and while it's a 'farewell' title, it's one for an actress who appeared in less titles than I have fingers so many a fan she has NOT lost by bowing out of the industry. KEI's time was simply too short to amass any and more likely than not, her goal of doing Japanese adult video was a wee bit of risky salacious fun paired with a few fat bank deposits.

And we don't blame her! Not all actresses want the fame that may come from doing adult video. Sometimes they bask in it and become bona fide industry legends, but the more times you strip off in front of the camera, the greater risk of being caught becomes. KEI most likely did not want to stick around too long and we're thankful this naturally tan actress did HIPS that does glorious work of showing off her flawless lower body in a mosaic-free setting.

Sound was pretty bad in this title. Being a JAV site all about subtitling, I will hang my head low when writing that there are some instances during this release due to the lack of a sound man and a low-talking actor where subtitling simply had to be skipped. Overall, we got most spoken utterances here, but we feel what we missed will not detract from the visual glory that is a wet, thick, and extremely horny KEI NISHIZONO.

No story? Sure, but I at least can gaze into that beautiful uncensored butt and partially shaved slit for many, many hours.

And I'm sure you can too!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 127

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