Kana Morisawa - Stark Naked French Horn Recital

Published April 25, 2018

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Not your normal stark naked musical recital as DREAMROOM forgoes both mosaic and condoms in this creampie release featuring a beautiful and pale JAV star.

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Kana Morisawa - Stark Naked French Horn Recital
with English Subtitles

Welcome to our first iteration of our stark naked recital series where harmony and eroticism are entwined into something beautiful.  Today’s musician is Kana Morisawa (formerly known as Kana Iioka).  She will strip stark naked before playing the French horn.  Believe it or not, she’s really good, but also is prone to fits of embarrassment...such as when being naked and also being the center of attention!

Did you know the French horn isn’t the only instrument she can play?  There’s also the flute (and I don’t mean that literally if you get my drift!).  Before I get ahead of myself, you should be seated with seat-belts fastened and enjoy the susurrations of her pink and frilly dress slowly being removed from her slim figure.  Her bra is next and that’s where she goes from cool and collected to embarrassed and ashamed.  The more she’s exposed, the redder she gets!

I’m far from conservative when it comes to experimentation with musical instruments.  As Kana becomes more and more naked, we take more and more risks with her beloved horn including having other parts of her body—the more sensitive areas—attempt to create melodies of their own.  Did you know enough air can escape the pussy to make a French horn toot?

Now I know how much Kana cares for her French horn so I don’t go overboard with teasing her with it; I’ve other toys for that and I’ll be using them thoroughly.  However, as I do love teasing, I’ll instruct Kana to keep on playing in her now naked state while I use my mouth and tongue to create a symphony of slurps between her legs.

Kana Morisawa may be a good instrumentalist, but I’m an even better cunnilingist.  And my fingers?  Symphonies of moans and squeaks have been written—or filmed—about them!  She tries her hardest to remain focused on her stark naked recital, but the power of my oral prowess in concert with my legerdemain causes her to falter and squirt crystal clear magic in the form of a tremendous shiofuki explosion!

It’s a never-ending waterfall that rivals the Niagara in her heaviest flow!  Kana caterwauls as my fingers, toys, and more cause her to gush pussy juice in a nearly uncontrollable tidal flow of liquid love!  Of course we don’t stop with me fingering the daylights out of her.

No, no, no...we go beyond that...well beyond!  After all, pleasure is a two way street and what’s given must be returned in equal or greater amounts!  Kana, extremely aroused and even more embarrassed about said arousal places her musical prodigy mouth muscles around my erection and gets to work on my very own ‘natural’ French horn.

Blowing ain’t enough for her!  She’s the one who begs for me to put it in!  She’s frantic, horny, and wants it now!  There’s not even time to put on a condom!  I have no choice but to comply with this perverted madwoman and do the deed in a way most dangerous!  Oh, and she wouldn’t even let me pull out the end!  Her vise-like legs locked me in place making me cum buckets deep into her.  It’s an experience that left me shell-shocked, but in bliss.  All symphonies should end like this!


Well, given the pretty big write-up above this, we'll keep the review a wee bit shorter.  KANA MORISAWA, whom we only have just started showing beginning with a really nice nurse VR release last year, has been a JAV star for quite some time, but never has pushed into the 'A-rank' status.  Make no mistake, she's a cute one with pale blemish-free skin though perhaps due to her natural timidity, the charisma needed to be right at the tippy-top of her peers is just slightly out of reach.

Also make no mistake:  being timid and embarrassed work great sometimes such as in titles like STARK NAKED FRENCH HORN RECITAL, an uncensored release by DREAMROOM that also was one of the first she filmed after entering the industry.  Even now she's still active though with a new name (MORISAWA rather than the previous IIOKA).  Don't expect something grandiose with a release like this.  We're sorry, but no huge audiences.  Rather, it's an intimate affair between quiet KANA and an actor whose name escapes us at the moment.

KANA also isn't a great French horn player.  That's pretty obvious from the get-go, but by her own admission, the horn has never been her main instrument so take what you get as her musical prowess is probably much better than most.  Fortunately, her 'Ode to Joy' recital doesn't last more than a few minutes with the rest of this 62 minute release being what you'd expect from an uncensored JAV movie.

The lighting was surprisingly natural during the sex portions.  I've been known to criticize uncensored Japanese AV movies for their 'scorched earth' policies and I'm glad some thought went into keeping things a bit more muted this time around.  KANA also did as good a job as you can expect from a fresh-faced (for the time) JAV star.  Does she really ever take the lead?  Not really, but STARK NAKED FRENCH HORN RECITAL is not a title that demands that of her.  All she really has to do is put her mouth around things and make glorious music...to the best of her ability.

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