Seara Hoshino of the Tropics

Published October 19, 2016

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Unchained unabashed threesome sex fanfare-free for those who want something slick and salacious featuring a vivacious AV star of the last decade by DREAMROOM.

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Seara Hoshino of the Tropics
with English Subtitles


Sometimes we just want to see someone beautiful have sex.  We've all been there.  We've had our flings with the bizarre and uh...the maniac.  Last Monday's update for example is a prime example of a release that pushed the boundary of extremism to uncharted territory.  It was intense and left us so mentally exhausted that for our mid-week showcase we opted for something straight and to the point.

Fortunately, we've a treasure trove of titles released by DREAMROOM and while the bulk of them are dialog heavy amateur nanpa releases that WE LOVE, we also have a few handfulls of not-so-recent HD releases that feature full-fledged AV stars simply having sex.  Yes, it may not be hyper bizarre, but although we love showing off the insane side of Japanese AV, from time to time to-the-point-sex also is something that we'll put our spotlights on.

Today we're joined by SEARA HOSHINO in a title aptly named ...OF THE TROPICS due to it first being shown on DREAMROOM's flagship site.  Please note the previous link is Japanese-only so be careful not to get lost there!

We would love to talk more about SEARA HOSHINO, but her time with us in this update was pretty much pure sex.  Unfortunately, in spite of running almost an hour which is commendable for a love-love full-contact release, there's very little in terms of a model bio introduction chat--aka, an interview.  We do have another uncensored release starring her that although stills lacks an interview portion, does feature more loquacious dialog exchanges between her and the actor (this time in POV).  That title we'll consider showing when the weather warms up given its theme.

In SEARA HOSHINO OF THE TROPICS, we're presented with the actress already in a manic state of undress that almost immediately adventures into precarious exposure territory as she's fondled by two nameless actors.  Sex toys commence the play of course.  It seems like most uncensored titles go all-out with them when fingers, mouths, and erections do just as swell of a job.  Either way, that's our opinion and if you are a fan of zany sex toys used to get things going, then you'll be right at home with the type of play inflicted upon an increasingly soaked SEARA.

Foreplay after toys is standard fare and the title follows the see-all but not hear-all format given the love-hate relationship AV star-type uncensored titles have with good sound recording.  Mosaic-free titles also seem to despise condom usage and opt for up close nakadashi finishes with extreme close-ups of the outcome.

An honest question here:  are there people who truly enjoy these final moments of post-coital shots?  We love sex or we wouldn't be doing ZENRA, but we do sometimes question the directorial decisions when deciding on extended close-ups of a rubbed red raw vagina after two bouts of heavy sex.  Now if you like it, it's there for you.  We won't ever cut out portions of updates due to personal tastes (but will sometimes have no choice to cut out harder scenes if it violates credit card processing rules!).

SEARA's sex romp threesome is here for you uncensored and uncut.  It is what it is and let is serve as a quick, but effective way to recharge your maniac batteries given what came before it and the insane updates soon to follow.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 140

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