Japanese Dutch Wife Research

Subtitled Japan Love Doll R&D with a Determined Scientist

Dutch Wife Research
with English Subtitles

Meet Dr. Hattori.

She is on a one-woman mission to find out the true secrets and most hidden routes to locate—and capture—the perfect male and female orgasm. We are introduced to her in mid-research as she holds various types of experiments on both herself and a large group of medical volunteers to find out what happens when the ultimate level of ecstasy is not only achieved—but also how efficiently one can get there through various means of pleasure.

Getting off to a quick start, we are greeted to a bottomless Dr. Hattori having a research student finger her moist slit while fingering the slit of a medical vagina doll to her left. The Dr. instructs her student to use as much strength and gusto as she can which leaves her orgasming with professionalism that only a sex researcher can achieve within moments. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to exactly pinpoint when she finally hit the road of no return to total orgasm so she has the student repeat the process several times and to also write a report on how the doll's vagina differs from the doctor's.

Another day another orgasm being her motto as now we see her in a room with a news reporter and a group of nurses on her staff who are carefully examining a volunteer cock in a unique CFNM experience. We see them take turns getting in breathing distance of the pulsating penis on display as they touch, examine, and stroke every inch of exposed private skin of this lucky male patient until he explodes on the face of a lucky but surprised nurse in mid-stroke.

In a continuation of this scene, the news reporter now is observing another totally naked male volunteer who is giving his best effort to stay hard by engaging in coitus with one of Dr. Hattori's medical sex dolls. Both the doctor and her nurses encourage the volunteer to finish off in the doll while gently supporting him by caressing his clenching ass as he reaches his jizzy zenith.

For the Dr., woman volunteers who don't mind being totally naked and in various states of arousal in a room full of strangers is also a necessity as we soon see: our volunteer—a college student in her birthday suit—is in a room full of nurses and news personnel while she is having her very sensitive womanly slit fingered. While she is moaning in passion, a news camera is rolling in the background for a special that will air on the nightly news. It must be quite a sight to see your own O-face on the news at the same time millions of other people are watching as well!

Towards the end of the documentary, we see the two of nurses and the doctor simultaneously deep kiss the patient, suck on his nipples, and give a medicinal blowjob respectively as the stunned news reporter looks on in awe (and also trying to figure out how they can get this footage on the air!). Soon enough, Dr. Hattori removes all of her clothes and has the by-now deliriously horny male volunteer mount her from above so the final stage of her orgasm research can reach a satisfying, sticky conclusion.

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