Yuzu Serizawa - My After School Encounter

Never Happened in MY School...


Yuzu Serizawa - My After School Encounter
with English Subtitles


Today's VR update at ZENRA is a rather unique one.  In fact, as far as updates go, it's a very interesting 'first' for us:  YUZU SERIZAWA - MY AFTER SCHOOL ENCOUNTER was NOT shot by a Japanese AV production company.  It wasn't!  Can you believe it?

Rather, this title and the next VR release coming in two weeks were both shot by HoloFilm.  The director is not Japanese and the production crew also isn't either.  The acting staff is and it was shot in Japan.  Both of their releases even were filmed in some very recognizable sets that probably cost a small fortune to rent.

I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of making MY AFTER SCHOOL ENCOUNTER possible.  Either way, it really happened and the results are pretty darn good.  This title definitely plays a different tune than our previous WAAP releases.  A foreign director makes for a different setup.  I feel the biggest difference between this and 'Japanese' titles was that foreplay appeared to be briefer and sex came as an actual transition and not a steady buildup.

Aside from this title, my knowledge of western adult video is seriously lacking.  I can't say for sure if the production elements at play in MY AFTER SCHOOL ADVENTURE were a result of filming in VR or something only HoloFilm is known to do.  Minor sound issues aside (there were a few instances where it was difficult to make out what YUZU was saying), this is a pretty sound title that shouldn't be missed.  It originally was released on their flagship site and although I can't comment on the popularity as those stats aren't public, the user ratings were not kind to this nor its sequel.

I do believe the lower user ratings were not because VR porn fans were upset with anything related to production; it most likely stems from this being a title starring an 'unknown' (even in Japan, YUZU SERIZAWA still only has a minimal fan base), retains mosaic censorship (interesting how they couldn't get around that one!), and is in Japanese (we got you covered with our exclusive English subtitles).

If HoloFilm decides to return to Japan for more filming, we may show even more by them.  That remains a big 'ol question mark so unless the tides turn favorable, our time with them will be brief with today's release and the one that follows taking place in "The Pool".  Yup, THAT pool.

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