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Published December 13, 2014

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Sauna Ladies goes meta when the production company credited for their creation hears a rumor that they actually do exist and search for them with subtitles.

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Sauna Ladies Undercover
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The Sauna Ladies have been featured on Zenra too many times to count. It's such a wondrous example of how far Japanese relaxation services have gone to latch on to the ever burgeoning customer base of idling older folk that there's really not much to compare them to.

Believe it or not, Sauna Ladies are actually based on Japanese history. Back during the Edo Period, bathhouses that served as the inspiration of the ones that still exist today in adult video were staffed by yuna, Japanese women who worked within the male bathing areas. As noted in Wikipedia, their primary tasks were bathing and massaging customers, but other services were offered as well. Calling them all prostitutes may be pushing it though sex certainly was on the table for a price.

However, moving back to the present, Sauna Ladies and spas are not as common anymore. Head to big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka and you may find some larger bathhouses still existing complete with motifs and advertisements straight from the bubble era. There's one in Osaka featuring elaborate larger-than-life carvings of male faces. It's in a prime location in Dotonbori amidst a sea of love hotels and riding down the side-alley next to it allows one to breathe in the constant noisome fume of treated bath water and body soap.

Although female staff do work at these establishments, do not confuse them with Sauna Ladies. The types of movies shown on Zenra are fantasy. They represent a 'sexual non-sexual' paradise for curious men who want to be pampered with the inclusion of an accidental happy ending.

Now just because Sauna Ladies, the productions, may be apocryphal, the idea can find itself emulated in real life...and this is what today's incredible production is about.

Welcome to Sauna Ladies Undercover...when Sauna Ladies goes meta!

This is a very plot-heavy production centering upon the production company that releases Sauna Lady-themed movies. They aren't real and the staff there knows this because they made them! However, one day an assistant director--or AD--discovers a somewhat suspicious review site where dozens of commenters are praising a spa that re-opened in a nearby town.

One of the more popular reviewers wrote: "Sauna Ladies are real!! I've been going to this bathhouse for 5 years now and they changed things up (erotically). I know the pictures I posted are just from some AV video, but there really are women on staff who wash you *all* over including your dick!"

The staff at the production company are perplexed and have difficulties truly believing what the reviews are saying. Could there actually be Sauna Ladies? Are there scantily clad women in the male bathing area of a Japanese bathhouse who wash you everywhere with handjobs included in the standard package?

They decide to find out. A weekend mission is planned. Their goal is to hunt down this elusive bathhouse and see if the reviews were truthful...and of course they're going to film their progress.

For such a well-reviewed bathhouse--or onsen as they are called in Japanese--finding it was a challenge. All this group of generally horny men knew was the area it was in. The reviewers were keeping its name hush-hush to avoid pressure from the authorities. After confirming with multiple hotels in town, they found a bathhouse that had Sauna Ladies on staff, but as shown in the first portion of the production, penis touching was on the menu, but it did not go all the way.

The director had the gumption to make a late-night appointment and convinced the on-staff Sauna Lady to show her breasts while pumping him to conclusion, but it was a pricey endeavor. He came out chirpy, but with a lighter wallet.

His co-workers were not amused. The point of their trek was to find a bathhouse where Sauna Ladies go considerably further without the client having to plead and offer extra money. Fortunately, the director did find time to talk with the yuna who gave him the top-dollar handjob. She heard of another onsen nearby that matched their desires.

"Well, I did hear about [Redacted] where it could be possible, but it's all hearsay..."

Her tip turned out to be fruitful. Although the first location did feature Japanese woman wearing little bathing and massaging men, sexual services were essentially non-existent. Their trek to this new location found actual Sauna Ladies akin to the ones they created for their productions. Uniforms were near see-through and handjobs to ejaculation were standard! Of course, stopping at a handjob was not enough and the latter portion of this production focuses heavily on escalation. Just how far could on go without having to open one's wallet...?

Sauna Ladies Undercover finds itself skirting between being labeled a docudrama and a standard handjob-themed production. Unlike other movies about services in Japanese bathhouses, it is not a showcase movie. Until now, every single Sauna Lady production was shown in a way where the viewer at home could sample services offered. This time around, the concept went meta with the staff who created them seeing just how far their real life counterparts can go. Their first step was confirming they actually exist and are not delusional fan fabrications.

Since most actual bathhouse scenes employed a pseudo hidden-camera format, close-up shots of Japanese women in sheer uniforms cheerfully massaging naked client's erections are hard to see. What makes this production something truly unique is what happens in between scenes. Dialog and even on-screen captioning is plentiful and it's all there with exclusive English subtitles so you can understand why this group of thrill-seeing Japanese men take to the countryside on a mission to discover the renaissance of yuna--or real Japanese Sauna Ladies


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