120 Minutes of CFNM Penis Teasing Subtitled

Published July 5, 2011

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese cougars recruit a real virgin to take part in two uncharted hours of nonstop CFNM penis play involving a ribald medley of sexual tricks with subtitles.

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120 Minutes of CFNM Penis Teasing
with English Subtitles

We are greeted by two beautiful Japanese milfs who in what must be a dream come true want nothing more than to perfect their arts of seduction. After placing an ad in the newspaper looking for a virgin boytoy that they can act out their most perverse sexual desires on, the applications begin to role in. We are seen the outcome of the hunt as their chosen boytoy clad only in his underwear sitting seiza-style (legs folded underneath) as the two Japanese milfs in smart business suits with a not so business-like deep open collar with ample cleavage exposure give him the final interview before beginning their epic sex play session in a neighboring room.

With our virgin boytoy lying supine on the floor, the two textbook cougars begin their light foreplay by having one of them let him rest his head on her soft still-covered mound as she softly tweaks his shirt-covered nipples while the other milf with black hair and a youthful twinkle in her eye casually strokes her fingers across his boxer-brief clad hardening bulge.

Soon enough, our virgin boytoy is shirtless and with his legs up and spread in the air as his cock is seductively outlined through his tight and very uncomfortable underwear while having his hair lightly tussled by milf #1. Both smiling and having the time of their lives--and most importantly, do not want to rush things--so even after all this light foreplay, our boytoy still has his most painfully-throbbing erection toyed with and stroked through his exceedingly tight and suffocating boxer-briefs as the two milfs trace lines and circles above it laughing all the way. In fact, they even take a break from all the cock play to suck on each of his exposed toes while he stares back in a growing feeling of supreme non-releasable ecstasy.

Eventually after what seems like an eternity plus alpha, his boxer-briefs finally have been removed and the two milfs, now reflecting his exposed nudity by removing their tops allowing their generous-sized breasts to hang playfully stroke and caress his his stone-hard cock and tightening balls. Soon the level of entertainment rises a notch as both cougars change into a nurse and office lady uniform while continuing their all-out attack on this boytoy's virginity by finally going from a steamy handjob to a heavy fellatio while casually running fingers over his exposed balls and sensitive taint.

Their levels of play continue to rise and rise with the introduction of a vibrator going full blast over his hard cock as they take turns making out with him and even allowing his tongue to explore their most private womanly bits in his by-now very blissful state and lucky for us, it's still awhile yet before they finally let him achieve his natural conclusion to all their cock-play: a gargantuan, wet, sticky, and oh-so-fulfilling orgasm over their naked, heated bodies.

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