The Secret Prison 2

Published December 27, 2017

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

What goes on in the Secret Prison stays in the Secret Prison in the second part of this formidable uncensored Japanese AV trilogy by DREAMROOM.

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The Secret Prison 2
Part Two with English Subtitles
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Bit by bit, Miharu Kai forgets who she is and where she came from.  Amnesia begins to take hold as her ‘training’ as inmate #1204 intensifies.  Even in this state, it remains hard for her to mute her shocked emotions at just how inured to sexual abnormality her cellmates have become.

The stakes are raised skywards as each year only a select few are given freedom while the rest of their ‘graduating class’ is…

One day so similar to all the others did feature one change for Miharu and friends:  a sudden and unannounced full cavity search of their most intimate orifices to ensure no contraband is being smuggled.  To make matters even more harrowing, this ‘exercise’ was held in the interrogation room rather than their cells.  And if contraband is indeed discovered…

Vibrators, hands, tongues, and more are used on pussies and anuses bringing all inmates to orgasm together in the most embarrassing ways possible!  The shame continues as the ‘play’ carried out by the wardens only begins there and the way it concludes is lust incarnate.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 229

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