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The Best of Gorgeous Golden Gyaru

Honorable mention to Erika Moka as well. Good list!

To Specialize or Not to Specialize: Should JAV Stars Play it Safe?

Hana Kano is one who I think managed to do well specializing. Perhaps because she was among the best at the heavier stuff and rope stuff. Now she directs and does love rope work shows. Then again, Kirara Asuka was a generic performer and has done quite well outside of AV. Two very different cases, of course.

Most Wanted JAV Collaborations

Reiran and Maria would be trippy, especially if it was early days Maria. I think your first one could inspire a fun article. What would be your ideal parings of one current active actress and one retired actress in their prime? Like Ayaka Mochizuki (active) and Risa Onodera (retired).

The New Generation of Hardcore JAV Babes

Mochizuki is about the best I've ever seen. She can do the extreme hardcore, but she can also do plenty of other types of scenarios just as well. Shiomi is also frighteningly extreme. I wish Risa Onodera was still working. She might have made this list.

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