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2022 Debut Review - Yuuri Adachi

She's easily the debut i was most interested in because her face and body is just perfect. While her performing can def be improved, i've resigned to accept that s1 being the studio that has the best beauties essentially sleepwalking through scenes (except miru).

Top 10 JAV Stars I No Longer Enjoy

For me exclusivity is the problem 90% of the time. Riho Fujimori:Her SOD exclusivity produced nothing good combined with the effects of the new AV law while she was a kikatan powerhouse, Mina Kitano:Does the worse versions of her kikatan movies, Akari Mitani:Still the performer but most of her latest releases are duds except the Nao Masaki lesbian one, works too much with samoari also, not too fond of his directing, Tsubaki Sannomiya:Attackers exclusivity basically causes bad variety+ i don't think she's good at S content enough anyway.

Pan's Spotlight: Nene Tanaka

It's a shame amateur releases generally don't have the actress name unless you go look from external sources like that POW video. I really like the one on one videos in love hotels because actresses somewhat feel more of themselves (ofc to a degree). But once you miss the release timing finding them is really hard. (unless you're a wiki dweller like me haha)

Samoari: The Worst Modern JAV Director?

I can easily say that his works are not suitable for me haha.It's a shame i really like his outfit selection and covers without male nipples present. but he emphasises male nipple play way too much and that's something i really don't want to see.His stuff seems to sell in Japan though,so he's probably doing something right.

Famous TikToker Set To Make Her Debut In AV

I've seen no one get pushed like this. S1 even has a special page on dmm for her debut which i didn't even knew could be done.

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