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Oppaira's Top JAV Asses Part 8 ft. Akari Niimura, Tsukasa Aoi, and more

Very good selection Oppaira. Tsukasa Aoi's ass is spectacular, It's a shame that in her movies she is usually very cold in her performances.I recommend that you look at the ass of Aya Sazanami, who is now called Aya Konami. From my humble opinion it is in the Top 5.

I Met Akari Niimura and was SOAKING WET (from the heat)

A pleasure to read your reports friend Anton. Excelent as always. Do you have some other events soon??.

Top 10 Asses in JAV 2023

I agree %100. Yayoi Mizuki is hell in every way. As a humble suggestion she would have included Mao Kurata and Manami Oura (my favourite). And I recommend an actress that I met recently and her ass struck me, Yui Tenma.

JAV Performer Tierlist

Very good list !!!. I agree with Tsukasa Aoi, she has a hellish body but little charisma. She would add Yui Tenma and Ena Satsuki who are getting a lot of action lately. And it saddens me that my favorite Manami Oura is having little (or less and less) action.

Meeting Sumire Mizukawa as a Literal Giant (with a stomach bug)

Excellent post as always Anton. If the economy of my country were not so bad (Argentina) I would gladly donate to you. We look forward to more of your encounters with our favorite Porn Stars.

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