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Breaking News: R18 Permanently Closing!

Oh wow, that's crazy. I thought it was april 1st for a second when I saw this headline. Well, I'm kinda glad I only ever bought 4 or 5 movies on there during a sale. The thing is, I might have ended up spending so much money on R18 if they had allowed VR movies to be downloaded but they never did as far as I can tell, which was a big no no for me.

JAV Sales Report - July 2022

I love Julia more and more as she ages. And Arina going to Moodyz? That's really surprising to me but hey, great news, I can't wait.

Battle of the Aika’s: Versus Mode

AIKA is great, expecially in her works from the mid-2010s.

Fried Chikan's Best Deep Throaters: Part 1

Good selection. There's also a version of the Mikako Abe film that stars Shuri Atomi and it's pretty good.

RamenBoss's Rei Mizuna Tribute

Absolute legend. Although quite a few of her videos are way too hardcore for me, lol.

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