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You Should Be Watching: Touka Rinne

Touka Rinne was my replacement for Asahi Mizuno when she retired... well even now that Asahi returnet with a new vibe Touka is still my Pre-retirement Asahi, I just like her too much

A Matter of Position — The Sex Layer in JAVs

Damn, you really know why you like what you like and I respect that, im my case my brain just tells me that I like certain things but I have never really put effort into think why do I like them, I just hope you can continue with this kind of reviews

Pornstars who are like JAV Idols Part 2

Maria Nagai and Julianna Vega

Fried Chikan's Actress Spotlight: Matsuri Kiritani

I miss her, I hope she is just taking a break, same for Saeko

SSIS-050 - Rara Anzai - The Boss Was Gone On A Business Trip, So I Fucked His J-Cup Wife For Three Days Straight

I sincerely just dropped RION, she just keeps getting away with it and doesnt even have a release scheduled for may and that makes me think that she just have to ask for a movie where she just have to show her tits and wait for the paycheck to spend for the next month

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