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Pan Takes - April 2024 Vol 2

Agree, Momoka and Hitomi both to me are as close to body perfection, bosom magnificence, and sexual attraction as you get. I find Hitomi's ass gorgeous, well, I just love everything about her. But under torture (her absence) I'll admit that Momoka's well-shaped behind is in a class of its own, obviously designed to balance her overwhelming boobs, securing eye-popping hourglass curves. By the way, I enjoy your comments quite a lot.

Pan Takes - April 2024 Vol 2

Momoka Kagura is a sexpot, my favorite in this post-Hitomi era. Her face grown-up, a real woman's, like Mako Oda and Nachi Kurosawa, full of experience and no need to fake nonstop orgiastic crying, she knows what she nrrds and what her partners want, she can seduce and lead or surrender and enjoy hardworking lovers. She obviously loves sex anytime anywhere all the time and craves fucking in front of an audience, and she can smile and laugh and when she climaxes, I really believe it. We are in good hands here. Her body is that of a sex goddess, the best breasts since Hitomi, enormous, full, swelling, jutting in divine curves, firmly protruding to truly swing and jump freely, her areolae massive and magnificent, and she knows what to do with colossal boobs, and she only has to show them off and I'm in heaven.

Oppaira's Top Tits - Active Actresses - Part 3

Haru, Momoka, and Yuki are overwhelmingly endowed to face the lust of hardcored worshippers of humongous well-rounded milkers. They are pretty too, real wonder babes.

Oppaira's Top JAV Tits - Active Actresses - Part 6

I love and share your enthusiasm for enormous boobs. And I am with you when you compare the ones under scrutiny to Hitomi's unique breathtaking gigantic wonders. In your selection here, you are particularly precise, I think, in your comments on Fumika, Maria, and Ren, who I enjoy just like you describe them. Maria does not have beauty in her corner, she is not even pretty, but wow does she have mammaries and knows what to do with them, she is a tornado of sex now more than in her xxxxx days, seems like she has gained a lot of experience, confidence and maybe even added to the unbelievable volume of her titanic tits.

2023 Debut Review - Yuki Nitta

Yuki is not beautiful, maybe not even pretty, but she is sexy. She obviously enjoys sex and loves doing it on camera, which makes her quite attractive. Not Hitomi's successor, but her huge boobs are heaven to a breast-man.

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