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ZENRA Exclusive JAV Interview: Maki Hojo

Thank you so much for another excellent interview with very good questions. Unfortunately Maki played it a little too diplomatically and close to the chest at times, but that is to be expected: she’s a no-nonsense professional and she’s gonna do what she feels is best for her career and ambitions. We still got some really good info, though, like the usage of fake semen and such. I mean, what do fans expect? Of course there’s gonna be fake semen from time to time, especially in the dramas that only feature one actor. Do they truly expect this human being with human limitations to be able to ejaculate nonstop during a day of filming? Now that JAV has started to emulate hentai manga in terms of more ludicrous plots and conventions (like the hentai virgin savant trope of being able to ejaculate almost nonstop and still stay hard), of course they’re going to have to find workarounds to satisfy fans’ demands, but as we know, fans want to be catered to, but also not pandered to at the same time; it’s an almost impossible balance for creators to satisfy. Anyways, thanks again Zenra crew for yet another wonderful interview. Please keep them coming. This is great stuff.

Yuma Asami - The Crazy Life Of A JAV Royalty - Vol. 1

Thank you for this article and the translation job. Yuma remains my favourite JAV star to this day, and she’s a fascinating person on top of it. Can’t wait for your follow up article.

JAV Male Actors jmsorry Don't Like That Much

The likely reason these performers are so popular is because they’re pro’s who make women - the actual stars - comfortable; and they’re reliable and are probably easy to work with for the behind the scenes folks. They probably also almost never “malfunction”. Remember, a JAV title is a massive investment for the studio and the pressure is high cause all that work has to be crammed into one day. The directors and the studios probably put an extremely high premium on actors who are a safe pair of hands.

Trapstar's Annual Roundup: Biggest JAV News Of 2023

The loss of Yua Mikami to JAV is incalculable. Her social media savvy and footprint and ambition to leverage her persona for ultimate gain brought a huge public relations boost to the image of JAV. “If someone like Yua, who could conceivably branch off into other more lucrative and “legitimate” forms of mass entertainment was choosing to stay in JAV, maybe it’s not so bad or dodjy an industry after all,” was the public thinking Yua almost single-handedly drove. Not to mention the classy air with which she carried herself. We might not have another JAV star like her for a very long time. There are starlets like Remu who are good at leveraging their popularity online and who comes across as just a normal, laidback and adorable person, but she doesn’t have Yua’s colossal social media footprint. Minami’s retirement was tough to take, because it came about so suddenly. She’s probably my second favourite JAV star of all time after Yuma Asami and war very much in her prime and doing great work month in and month out, so yah, that was a very tough one after we already had to absorb the retirements of Tsubomi, Iori and Kawakami in 2022. Please universe, give us a break in 2024. And please, please don’t let Remu retire anytime soon (even though she works for a studio that sucks).

BREAKING: RIP Nanami Yokomiya

She was likely a Highly Sensitive Person and introvert - just from her demeanour and even in the soft, resigned way she communicated even in her final days - but wasn’t understood by those around her, which likely lead to depression and made her feel desperately lonely. I wouldn’t rule out feelings of self-loathing due to the cruel judgements and intolerance of society in general. I hope at least that in the AV world she enjoyed some semblance of acceptance and warmth, but then again it is a professional entertainment field where almost everyone is out for themselves, so maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. That such a xxxxx person felt so hopeless in this world is so intensely saddening. I wish she had someone around her to learn coping mechanisms like not trusting overwhelmingly negative thoughts; that’s it’s just unfair and unsubstantiated bias against the self. Self-loathing/lack of valuing oneself is a proper mental illness, because it distorts one’s perspective of the world and contaminates one’s emotions, and requires proper understanding and mental tools to combat. It is a leading cause of depression, self-harm and even worse. If anyone reading this identifies these strains in themselves, seek help immediately before it overtakes you. If professional help isn’t immediately available to you, do research online about how a distorted mental perspective like self-loathing can contaminate your entire worldview and make you take leave of objective reality. I hope Nanami’s story serves as a wake up call to those within the AV industry to pay closer attention to these girls who might be bright and cute on the surface and perform their work well, but who might be suffering under the surface. Mature AV professionals should offer help and guidance and have measures in place to ensure this never happens again. Please don’t let a precious life like Nanami’s be lost in vain. And wider society: please don’t stigmatise and discriminate against these girls and women for making a career and lifestyle choice you don’t understand, or approve of. Be tolerant and kind, because the alternative causes unimaginable torment and sadness.

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