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FANZA's Impending Troubles & The Path Forward

I swear since they killed there has been even more piracy :/ I feel bad for the AV stars since they're probably missing out on a lot of xxxxx from it. I saw Fantia also recently had a change no longer accepting VISA/Mastercard

FC's Anal Addicts in JAV: Part 2

Ayaka Mochizuki became one of my favorites in the tail end of last year. I think it was the RCT anal news presenter movie that made me check her out more haha. She has some of the best facial expressions in JAV imo

Top 10 Worst JAV Films of 2023

MIRD-231 I remember seeing the cover and being excited. Yui Hanato with Mizuki Yayoi again after enjoying HMN-441 with them together adding Alice into the mix with her chemistry with Mizuki plus Mei Satsuki who I liked. Thought to myself this might be the movie of the year. Watched the trailer and was very lackluster but still had the copium, then actually watched it and honestly is one of the biggest let downs as well as being one of the worst JAV's ive ever seen

Top 10 JAV With Glasses Girls

Big fan of Glory Quest PTA/Teacher series just for the glasses, any of Ayumi Shinoda's movies with glasses was auto watch for me too

Oppaira's Top JAV Tits - Active Actresses - Part 5

Yuri Oshikawa is one of my favorites, I really wish she kept the blonde look a bit longer/did more moves with it

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