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JAV stars are People Too: A Letter From A Fellow Fan

100% agree, people forget sex workers are people too. On the western end, I've seen some terrible things said about Emily Willis while she's in critical condition after an OD. Hoping she makes a full recovery...

BREAKING: Kana Momonogi Faces Online Threats, S1 Rakes In Tiktok Influencer, Former Ebisu Muscat Idol Makes JAV Debut

I think you meant to say Nanami Yokomiya and not Nanami Kawakami on the link. Almost blew my mind when I read that, still sad regardless.

BREAKING: Karen Kaede Returns to IP, Ichika Matsumoto goes Exclusive, KMP’s Comeback is Aya Sazanami

I'm glad Karen Kaede is back with IP. It just seemed wrong seeing her with Faleno.

Top 10 JAV Actresses Who Deserved A Proper Goodbye

I think Kaede Matsushima deserved a send off. Her last release was a blowjob focused and she just disappered.

JAV News Roundup - June 2023 - Volume 2

The preview of Ai Hongo's S1 release looks really promising. I can already tell it will be better than her Faleno releases. I also saw that Yuki Takeuchi is graduating from Premium, I wonder where she will go next.

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